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mine is

Horrible Person

Yesterday I was a liar.
Yesterday I was selfish.
Yesterday I was psychopathic.
Yesterday I was crying.
Yesterday I made excuses.
Yesterday I could have ended it but i didn't.
Yesterday I was mad.
Yesterday I ran away as fast and far as I could.
Yesterday I looked in the mirror and could not recognize myself.
Yesterday I wonder why it took so long for me to open my eyes to these changs.
Yesterday I screamed.
Yesterday I panicked.
Yesterday I came to the discovery that I could not change back.
Today the damage has been done.
Tomorrow i'm a stranger.
Tomorrow i'm still living my disgusting lie.


In my eyes, lies the truth
A swirling depth no one understands
Emotions, twisted and bound to me
Like tape to a fuzzy surface

My hands will bare witness
to the mass destruction that awaits
Quick, yet slow are my fleshy extensions
Like that sting of the black widow.

My lips will taste victory and feat
Flavorful is the blood of my enemy
Distasteful is that deception of yours
Like the rotten fruit fill with worms

My ears, filled with the noise of war
Guns blazing, drums beating heatedly
Your screams of claimed innocence
Like that of a dyeing Jew

The pieces of my body put together
Dysfunctional, misguided, practically revolting
A person who serves no real purpose
Like a program long sense terminated

I do apologize if the line about jews offends anyone.


Mine is called Just The Other Day

I thought of you, just the other day
and my heart began to quiver lightly within my chest
it seemed as though it were trying to find a way
to you, the one of which my heart is bereft

I quake as you course through my mind
gently easing me into an emotional high
you were and are my truly miraculous find
I thought I saw you, just the other day

You tear me open and make me whole somehow
but the opinions of society frightened you away
I hope, but doubt, i'll ever hold you now
I thought I felt your touch, just the other day

I wish I could whisper sweet nothings in your ear
and that what i feel would be, could be, returned
though i know it's vain still I whisper, hoping you will hear
I thought I had heard your voice, just the other day

Every night I close my eyes and see your face
the beauty there, that I see, shocks me indefinitely
joy floods my being released from that space,
reserved for all my hopes and dreams of you

I dreamed of you, just the other night. . .

© Tj Benjamin Dove


So Deep Within © Tj Benjamin Dove

I feel empty deep within,
as though a little piece of nothing was mixed with sin
and planted within, my heart, so deep within

A darkness has risen,
to form this beast, that revels in sin
as it builds cold black stone walls so deep within

It locks me away in endless night,
as my heart throbs with despair,
no joy exists this deep within

My soul is old and stained,
by the beast whom is wihtin,
he that dwells so deep within

This darkness is final, it's grip unbreakable
all hope is gone, vanquished by the bleakness of the night
and I am crushed, so deep within

My mind is clouded and dominated
as my soul, the blackness smothers
and buries deep within the nothing, so very deep within


Very nice!


A World Of Dreams © Tj Benjamin Dove

What is the greatest of all gifts?
Why is it that through the sands of time mankind constantly sifts?
Love is not what we need; but faith
for faith alone can guide our path.
Have we a need to know that when we die,
we don't just end, but instead carry on with this living lie?

See for when we end, we've truly only just begun,
we are simply characters within this dream we call life.
Who's dream you ask? Who could ever know,
but the dreamer themself? and, while within our world, they remember not
for here, well here they're to caught up
in the play to think of life

If we exist within their dreams
then do they themselves live within
a dream? Who then is the original dreamer?
Is it the one whom we call the creator?


I hate you, you and that smile
The image of you in my mind is like bile
Your smile, so cruel upon your face
Everything about you, I just want to erase
Your nothing to me but a rodent
An animal I have nothing but resent
You have turned your back on me
To run and keep your gaze a flee
A back stabbing, selfish women you are
You know what you are?
Nothing but an empty scar
A lightless, bleeding star
The devil has been sent down
To push me over and take my crown
A demon child, arrived from hell
No longer the angel that fell
You know what you are?
A problem gone way to far
Wild dogs run at your feet
Dead bodies laying in a heap
You attract misery and death
My feelings for you have such a depth
You know what you are?
You are the false wanting of my past
The relationship that went to fast
I hate you, you and the smile
I was in such denial
But it was all true
You’re a liquor your mother brewed
Distasteful are you
Miserable and lonely are you
Yes it IS all about you

Written and Owned By: Casper J


Stop look listen and stare
remember the one that was never there
think of her often remember the dream
remember it ripping at the seam
remember how it happened how she came to be
remember the love and all that u seen
remember each day how u held her hand
remember when she lefthow it made u sad
now stop look listen and stare
now just remember shes no longer there.....


Thats a good yet unfortunate poem


i love all te poetry here would love to chat if anyone wants new friends look me up add me i love to share my story and im a good listener hit me up k


Dedicated to my Beloved Kasi.
In the darkness is where you sat
Alone and afraid, you were broken by another
There I came, to gander and gaze
Out reached was my hand, an offer
You grasped the extensions, and held on
I took you from the black abyss
Into the light, and happiness we arose
Together, not as two but one
A combined force, stronger than god
Stronger than life
We arose with love and acceptance
You no longer do you sit in your corner of darkness
Though it haunts your dreams and thoughts
You beat it back and hold on tight
To my offered hand of enlightenment
Together we are happy, together we are made
To last and love, forever and always
Together my love, we will always smile
That abyss, the darkness it may be called
Will be no more!
Faded into the background it shall be
For as long as you have me
I will never let go
My hand will always be offered.

Written and Owned my Arryn J Tyler

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