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jus me thinkin outloud - Bi Bi Bi Women

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hey babes im kinda bored lol jus to speakin my mind....um how many ppl rather have a fem ova a stud? well i like fems i thnk its sexy. now dnt get me wrong i have found some decent studs but den i jus dnt b all into em...!um im no longer single and im happy wit my hubby im bi YAY ME!!but im still lookin fa buddies tht i can hav fun wit..i wonder if thts wrong?...have yu eva heard somebody say yu suppose to b str8 now lol cuz yu wit a dude now even tho yu been bi ppl say some dumb shyt...lata ppl smooches holla!!!


I would personally prefer to have a female for a partner, but with my luck I'm stuck with the men who decide to not speak to me lol. YEAY BI PEOPLES! lol, that's all I have to comment on that particular sentence XD. Honestly, it would depend upon your darling hubby if he was ok with it or not. I honestly don't think it's wrong to play around with someone if your partner is ok with it. It depends on if he thinks it's a closed or open relationship or not. I personally prefer to have a girlfriend and a boyfriend at a time, but no more then one of each sex. And as I said before it depends upon your spouse. Ask 'im if he thinks it's ok with him or not