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The Baby Formula - Bi Bi Bi Women

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HAs anyone out there seen the movie "The baby formula"? its about a lesbien couple that get pregnant together by insemintaion, but they make the semen our of their own eggs. I haven't seen it just yet but I am waiting for it to download so I can watch it. I saw previews on youtub and it looks really good! Just curious if anyone's seen it and what they think...


No I havent but it sounds cool. Impossiable but cool. lol.


havent seen or heard of it, but I did read an article that scientists are actually able to make "semen" out of bone marrow, so technically they could make two women have a baby that is purely their dna and everything. really cool!
sadly they refuse to let it be for lesbian couples...but they are using it for animals...anyways thought it was interesting


Im going to watch it within the next coupple of days and let you know