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Venting to my HATERS - Poetry Group

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Sitting here thinking about all my haters..who stopped by to read my about me data...What kind of name is that you know who you are...I won't call you out it's like wasting my breath you not a star...your name should be megan collins..the attentinon you gave me (NP) raised my low tolerance bar..for my hater who lives afar...you don't know me im not plain or just simple..I do me and take care of anything under my temple...if you read something that frustrated you or you just didn't like..I don't need your comment or advice...Im me...Im free...get to know me no price no fee...Im not like anyone else..I put down anything that pertains to me...I would hit you back with a (NP)...but not the right color not unless you have some kind of skin disease...HOLLA S&S REMIX BABE....GET ON MY LEVEL
My haters are truely my motivaters....my strategy..My girl NIcki Minaj