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Love Game - Lesbian Ladies

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I could say that i consider myself a rookie to the "love game". I'm usually known as the social butterfly everywhere i go and i love meeting new people. Despite it all, when it comes to approaching a girl, i'm like the nerdy kid trying to get with the beautiful popular chick at school (fail), i get shy or can't think of the perfect words to say to seal the deal i guess....

so ladies, here's my discussion topic for you...how would you advise someone in my position? tell me your stories on your wins and fails when it comes to approaching a girl.

P.s i'm not trying to be the mack daddy or the womanizer at the bar, but it would be nice to have that confidence when i do come across a nice girl i would like to get to know =)


You sound a lot like me. I don't really know what has been said to seal the deal so to speak but I do know that its best just to be straight foward with women rather than beat around the bush or try to hinthint. Ya know what i mean? I know i have to take a few minutes to boost myself up or grow some kahunas before i approach some random pretty girl...i dunno the internet makes it better.
Anyway, i will be in Panama City Beach as of 8 am Friday mornin. I am moving there for a job offer that i decided to take and i only know the couple of people i went to school with that also got the job. im trying to meet some new people there and i figured this may be a good way to start.

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oh shit okaaay i think i figured this thing out...sorry thought you were in PC