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I taste bleach under my finger nails
the taste of it bitter in my mouth
the grime from the scrubbing
finally washed from them

brittle nails bent and broken
from the cleaning of the filth
filled with the mess
that I scrapped from here

So I cut them short
uneven and rough
smoothed down by the scrubbing
still tasting of bleach
making me wonder idly
how much i'd have to drink to die

I taste bleach under my fingernail



You are what makes these eyes sparkle
lighting up when just the thought of you appears
whithout you they shine hollow and empty

You are what makes this voice rise
rolliong out of me like crashing waves
without you it cracks and strains

you are ahts makes my mouth smile
lifting at the corners with every joke you share
without you it curls falsly without meaning

you are what makes this heart beat
thumping out your name with every pump of blood
without you it shrivels and dies...

You are what makes these eyes sparkle

(I'm on a roll tonight insperation just wont leave me alone!!)


damn u are on a roll! i love "Bleach" and i LOVE "You" man it takes me awhile to actually get inspired lol i havent been inspired for over a year now XD


damn there good

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