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I was cleaning and I found an old notebook full of poems from like 10 years ago. Crazy. So anyway here's one.

How can I address the situation without letting May come to full bloom? Can we never ask the questions we have in our hearts? To die in this day would be sad in the next for our thoughts were never expressed. Each night my heartbeat slows to a rhythem that is only matched by the rhythem of your voice. I can hear you whisper those things....those things that no one knows. It's almost like you're right here with me, but its still not enough. The radio plays softly in the background but to me it makes no sound. All I hear are the teardrops hitting the page as these words fall from my lips. I brush the hair from my face only to reveal the pain of solitude. I'm tired from these sleepless nights, but most of all I'm tired from this heat in my brain...this hot topic of you and I.


ooooo i like this one and that is so werid that happen to me awhile back i found all the stuff i wrote when i was like 6 or 7yrs it was cool =o