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LESBIANS!!!!!! - Lesbian Ladies

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I've read through the Terms of Use policy on Gays.com and have come to understand that as long as it's "self-created" material I can post it. SO, hopefully I'm not wrong, lol. With that I must post this link.

http://lesareus.ning.com/main/authorization/signUp?target=http%3A%2F%2Flesareus.ning.com%2F%3Fxgi%3D4bYuFv0muzKoL0%26xg_source%3Dmsg_invite_net%26xgkc%3D1 /&gt

Don't hate. Ha. This is my new years resolution. I hope that with your help I can make it something bigger. Something that can help reach out and change lives.

I enjoy gays.com and will continue to be a member for as long as I can (hopefully they don't erase me! ha). Check it out and tell me what you think.

It's not professional but I'm trying! I would greatly appreciate it if my friends on gays would give me a chance. =)

Thank you.
- Alex


Alright - I'll give it a try. XD