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ok so is it bad that i have been with same guy for 8 yrs and then i find myslf attrached to a girl ... so i persued her as she did me.... so while i am wit my guy i sleep wit her... i wanna know if thats concidered cheatin... here is the catch.... the girl who is full blown lesbian ... was my boifriends bestfriend... let me know something


"Is that considered cheating" - Hahaha well, I'll put it this way - I wouldn't want to be in your boyfriend's shoes in this situation.

Also, a good way to know - if you don't want your boyfriend to find out about it, it's probably cheating.


Yeah that is a good test for it lol
also I think it is always best to be honest with the person if you want or need something, and if you are lucky they will try to work with you to get your needs met


Hun... it may feel so good but its oh so bad. Unfortunatly unless the other party is informed its conciderd cheating.