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Discrimination in the YMCA against gay couples - Bi Bi Bi Women

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I'm so tired of our society. I called the YMCA to get a family membership for me and my wife and they told me they don't recognize gay couples as family. WTF?! So I called and talked to the Director and she was very short and rude and passed me on to the Chairman. I wrote a letter/email to the CEO of Corporate and gave him a piece of my mind -respectively of course. I'm trying to get everyone to write this CEO and get them to change their policy on family. I understand they don't want everyone coming in saying their a couple, but come on Gay Couples are not recognized as families. !!!

Please help me out and write the CEO so they can in the future change this policy and revise it to a household policy. This is where they recognize family to a household policy and allow us to be considered family in their establishment.

Let this association know that gay couples are family and their policy should be revised. All states should have a household policy within their establishment and that gay couples should not be excluded from family plans because of their sexual orientation.

Mr Ron Davis - ymca@cannonymca.org 704.939.9622 x 213 phone


Hmmm. I think you just gave the perfect thing for my speech on Transexuality!! Thank-you so much!!
I shall write!!


Wow that is awful!! I have to say I have been a member of two ymca's in CA and both recognized AND gave us the family membership...ive got 4 kids and a partner.....so I dont know where u are but that is really awful and im so sorry
I hope you get through to the head of that region...he/she should come visit us out here in so cal!