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A light Through the Darkness

A light through the darkness doth reign over sorrow,
Those demons, those harpies, do call you to follow.
Their blissful young melodies whisk you away,
Where life fades to naught
But a soft candle’s flame.

A light through the darkness doth reign over sorrow,
Day turns to night, yet the stars flee like swallows.
Forever a slumber in a black shrouded bed;
No touch, no taste, no sound, no smell,
For all you can see is the light over head.

A light through the darkness doth reign over sorrow,
Young yellow flames reborn from sleepy hollow.
Smoke rises up with a slight bit of glee,
Reaching its soft, wispy gray hands,
To finally be re-birthed, to finally be free.

A light through the darkness doth reign over sorrow,
Where an enchanting rhyme does lure you to follow.
Today is the day,
Where life fades to naught
But a soft candle’s flame.

A light through the darkness,
Doth shroud us in sorrow.


So I had to write this poem in class last year, our task being that we must write a descriptive yet transcending work. I chose to do something rather dark, and in the style of my favorite author Edgar Allan Poe. I'll let you all try and figure out what the picture is, though its really not that hard to... So feel free to comment or even post your own poetry here!!


I was reading your piece and simply going, "I love this, it reminds me of Edgar Allan Poe a bit."
And if I were to guess the subject, I would say a starry night, but that's just me. I really enjoyed it. :]


It sounds like the cycle of a day. The sun sets, moon rises, moon sets, sun rises. hehe. To me at least.

I'll hit you with one and lets see if you can figure out what its about.

In my eyes, lies the truth
A swirling depth no one understands
Emotions, twisted and bound to me
Like tape to a fuzzy surface

My hands will bare witness
to the mass destruction that awaits
Quick, yet slow are my fleshy extensions
Like that sting of the black widow.

My lips will taste victory and feat
Flavorful is the blood of my enemy
Distasteful is that deception of yours
Like the rotten fruit fill with worms

My ears, filled with the noise of war
Guns blazing, drums beating heatedly
Your screams of claimed innocence
Like that of a dyeing Jew

The pieces of my body put together
Dysfunctional, misguided, practically revolting
A person who serves no real purpose
Like a program long sense terminated


Your poem is great... I've no clue what it could be about. But whilst reading it I felt an emotion, perhaps anger? perhaps jealousy? I'm not certain which but I really like the piece. To me it resonates a form of resentment and jealousy toward a lover, maybe? I don't know...I'm really bad at figuring things out like this &gt&lt

As for the meaning of my poem...well... It actually symbolizes the death of someone.

As for you Sarah, I was just simply giddy when I saw you had a Poe quote on your profile! He's simply my favorite author in the whole world!!!


Actually you have it almost spot on. Jealousy toward others, anger towards myself, resentment and confucion from my "lover"

So you analized that very well.

Oh... well I was no where near close to understand your poems true meaning.


Haha that's okay...that's what happens when you try to write like Poe.

Wow...I'm surprised I got that right...awesome. it really is a great poem.


I woke up this morning and felt like being random and this is what I managed to come up with. It's short but I could at least post something of mine. Besides, random is a poets logic. Haha.

Planetary Gardens

Be still, stand tall, set aside the differences and hold your breath; Life is toxic and your mind has been soiled. Don't hesitate, there is no time for thinking, reminiscing. Plant your seeds, I'm sure one will sprout roots. The function and rebirth of ones mind starts with a sough of opinions.

Nothing great, but woke up and wrote it down. Sometimes the short and sweet can be generous to the mind.


Sounds like somthing a person might live by. lol.I like it though


It sounds like a free verse inspirational speech...-grin- I like it!


This one was written today.. and I just could help but write it. I had the itch and there began a rather cruel poem about my ex.

I hate you, you and that smile
The image of you in my mind is like bile
Your smile, so cruel upon your face
Everything about you, I just want to erase
Your nothing to me but a rodent
An animal I have nothing but resent
You have turned your back on me
To run and keep your gaze a flee
A back stabbing, selfish women you are
You know what you are?
Nothing but an empty scar
A lightless, bleeding star
The devil has been sent down
To push me over and take my crown
A demon child, arrived from hell
No longer the angel that fell
You know what you are?
A problem gone way to far
Wild dogs run at your feet
Dead bodies laying in a heap
You attract misery and death
My feelings for you have such a depth
You know what you are?
You are the false wanting of my past
The relationship that went to fast
I hate you, you and the smile
I was in such denial
But it was all true
You’re a liquor your mother brewed
Distasteful are you
Miserable and lonely are you
Yes it IS all about you


I wanted to continue but felt it was best to stop. heh...


Thanks for the support. :]

Your poem there seems full of anger and yet, remorse. It sort of reminds me of a piece I wrote based on a funeral of a friend a few years back. But they don't quite have the same sense of taste from the poetry fruit bowl.
Here it is if you'd like to read it. Not great, but I was young and sort of still hurt about things. But not bad for something being so long, haha.

A chair, a beam, tied rope and your locked bedroom door.
A gun just in case along side your big sock drawer.
No one home, no expectations for visits, inspections or calls.
Just you and now me inside these four walls.

I'm tired of what we say and the things we do,
Especially after everything we've been through.
We use to be so great, things use to be fun.
Now you talk to me like I've got the gun.

Your arms spread out as if our actions were finished,
Creeping forward, I see it in your eyes, life has diminished.
Holding my hand out we're now on the roof.
I love you, I'm here, what more do you need for proof.

I don't understand why you are doing this,
If you die now, I'd only think of our first kiss.
You said you were happy and I thought it was true,
The tears in your eyes and your emotions run through.

Your standing now, a good ten feet away,
Backing up as if we were on display.
You speak of words of wisdom and hurt,
I miss our old days, lets go back and revert.

Getting closer and closer, down to the edge,
You are now no more then six feet from the ledge.
Heart racing, I cry out, Oh please don't do it,
Suicide's an easy way out, you don't need to quit.

Take my hand, I'll take the lead,
I can't stand here and watch you succeed.
Think of who you would hurt and the pain they would feel.
Body gone limp, eyes crying, hoping the news isn't real.

There are so many ways around death,
We can go inside and catch our breath.
Mind over matter, stay calm, lets be free.
I'll come grab you on the count of three.

One, the motions were torn.
Thinking back and feel the mourn.
Two, almost there, close to relief.
Closing my eyes, hiding signs of grief.

I know how you feel and I know what you think,
You want the world to know you, so write it in ink.
Don't be the one who ran from life,
There is no need for conflict, this strife.

With the russet of your feet and the sounds of stone,
The quick ripples of water and your body's been thrown.
Knowing whats next, I hide, curl and scream,
Hoping to wake up and this just a terrible dream.

The day of your funeral, green grass and rain clouds of grey.
Beginning the ceremony of preparations for decay.
Fingers pointing and lies being told,
Peoples real potential are starting to unfold.

Today is the day, to you we say goodbye,
1989, 12th of May--2007, 17th of July.
So, now your gone and I was there to see,
Remembering how I never quite got to three....


Hahah, Shelby, I just got the last bit of one of your comments about my profile quote. I smiled when I saw yours was a Poe quote myself. :P


Wow... just wow.
Reading that I feel like I was there. It's an Amazing poem and I'm sorry about your friend.


Each time I read it over it sometimes feels as if the whole thing isn't real. Like life's portraying the view of doppelgangers of my 'use-to-be' situations. But then I remember how time shifts into a slower moment every year it comes close to July. It really use to bother me, knowing he was gone and thinking of how he went. Now I consider the time we've spent as something special and nothing really to mourn over. He was quite the charismatic character. Sort of like the ones you meet in fairy tales. Too cool to be real but one hell of a guy. Haha.
Thanks for the compliment. :]


Your welcome. If.. its not to much to ask why did he leave such a good friend like you?


My gosh...what an amazing poem. You've tapped into some profound emotions. Bravo...I'm sorry about the events.


@ Arryn-- Ha, well, thank you. Oddly enough, whether or not I truly was a good friend to him, you sort of have to think of his type of thought process. He was really close to his mother when he was younger, but something happened and if I had to imagine how he might have taken it... it would be like having the family photo split in quarters, starting in the lower corners of each frame.

@Shelby-- Thanks. Don't worry about it, 'Life' is full of acts like these, how long they last is merely the number of scenes you wish to be reminded of the play.

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