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Yeah! Im Commited Does that Surprise YOU? - Bi Bi Bi Women

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I am commited I know some might find that hard within the gay community. As though why are you commited your bi aren't you why are you not taking full of advantage of the situation? If I was you i would be getting everyone in sight! Well I'm not like that and your not me!
True i am attracted to both sexes but its more personality than physical with me. I consider myself no way near prejudice cause it doesn't matter to me: Race, sex, it just doesn't matter I can't even see myself being that picky over how a person should look to me.
I've been with my girlfriend for just about 7yrs we been through it all and still manage to be in each others life. I've been more commited to her than any of my other relations. She accept the fact that I am bi and she's lez usually a lesbian would drop me after finding out cause its like i'm tainted or something weird idk
(I have not read the Lesbian LawBooks so don't quote me on that lol!)
I admit rumors cause us to break up at one point cause she just couldn't take it anymore(Every week I'm sleeping with someone, that's how the rumor goes!). I never let them get to me I guess cause I'm use to it!
We were separated for 2yrs but in away we never left each other. I was the only one who didn't force my views on her and didn't give a damn who started the rumors, I wanted her to see me for me not because of some label so people know how to classify me.
Of course we got back and are still together, im commited to her does that surprise you?!
To some straight and lez it still do, oh well people are still people and love is still love regardless of sexual orientation.




I am not surprised at all about all of this. .... = )


**applaud, jump up and hug** exactly. it's surprising how monogomy in any given relationship is hard to come by.

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