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one wonderous night of boredom, reminiscing in the past - Writers Nook

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one last night together
let me hold you in my arms
look deep into my eyes,
my soul is yours to harm
place your hand on my heart,
feel the beating
all it takes is one promise
to heal the bleeding
if you leave tomorrow,
my conscience will follow
and i'll live in this city
with a chest thats hollow
but i'll still drive you
and carry your bags
can you just give me one conversation
it won't have to end
in sweet sorrow's painful sensation,
save me, save us, save everything we've made,
the three hardest words for me to say,
8 letters kept me from you every single day,
if it can stop you from leaving forever,
then fuck it,
I love you,
please don't go away...


Awe. Is this what actually happen to you?

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