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Introduce yourselves. - Lesbian Ladies

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I noticed their wasn't an introduction post. Since I'm not much of an introduction person I'm just going to copy and paste what I wrote for another group....

Hey guys and gals.
I'm Kat.
Nickname KweeN.
18 years of age.
Resides in Miami, Fl.
I consider myself 99% gay because I've only dated one guy since being out.
I am extremely outgoing, hate being home.
Parties, clubs, gettys, movies, beach at night, bon fires, drinking, smoking = Me
Web designer.
Senior in high school.
Make-up is my fav.
Loves music. [Everything = Rap, R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, Punk Rock, Metal, Classical, Etc.]
Neon colors, and Zebra stripes are amazing.
Shoes Shoes shoes!!! [screw high heels its all about sneakers =] ]

Talk to me... I don't bite... unless you want me too ;]


Hey ladies--

So I'm Emily.
I'm 21 years old and currently go to school at UW- Madison for Mechanical engineering.
I'm from Minneapolis, MN originally and still spend summers and breaks there.
I'm lucky enough to get to study in Brisbane, Australia next semester I can't wait

I'm a very active person-- I love sports (softball, mainly... go figure) but i play tennis, racquetball, run, etc. I just love exercise in pretty much any form

I love to travel, though i don't get to do it as much as I like.
On a typical weekend... well, I don't have typical weekends. But usually it involves some sort of going out with my amazing friends at Madison.
I'm a nerd, but I own it.
Music is my life. It's kept me going through some of the worst times in my life-- and you pretty much can't find a genre I dont like (though heavy metal may be the exception).

Anyways, thats about all! Feel free to add me as a friend :-P


My names Sarah Lindborg, I'm 20
I live in Phoenix Az and go to school for Law at Everest College
I'm a store manager for McDonalds
My nickname is Videl and it is my preferred name
I smoke I drink I party, but I also like quiet nights to myself
I write poetry and short stories and have some of my poetry published
Music, as well as writting, is my life
I love rock music, and anything that's not about slapping a ho and fucking a bitch lol
I'm a great person to talk to when you feel down, because I'm very positive

Uhm, that's all I can think of right now... Hit me up if you have any questions


Hello, I'm Heather! I'm 19, in my second year of English Lit at Aberystwyth University (in Wales). I grew up in London and still live there during the holidays.
I have loads of hobbies - knitting, guitar, singing, writing, video games... you can't really ever have too many skills! I'm the Female Coordinator of the uni's LGBT+ society, AberPride, in which we run two weekly socials, a monthly event at the uni nightclub, and lots of campaigns... so I have a pretty busy social life too.
I can be found on facebook and it's probably easier to reach me there, and I update frequently... although I'm getting to love gays.com now.


Welcome Ladies.
Emily, you're such an active person. I wish I could be that active but I'll get tired quick.
Videl, I would love to read some of your poetry. That so cool, I use to write back in the day but I stopped. Now when I try it's like it's not there anymore.
Heather, thats awesome to see you're active in the LGBT Community. I don't even know if we have something like that here in Miami. Although we do have quite a lot of clubs.


Kat - AberPride is associated with my university's Student Union. There aren't as many visible LGBT+ groups/societies in towns - in my experience, they're usually attached to universities or colleges to help LGBT+ students find their feet and network.


I love to share my poetry, I love feedback on it... I actuially just wrote one this morning that I'm rather proud of. Just let me know and I'll send you one


Hi Im Susanne,

Kat ur name got my attention. My nickname is actually Katt. lol.

Im 18 and Im a senior in high school, but Im dual enrolled at Daytona State College (as a CNA). I live in Port Orange, fl. I love rock music and video games. I also love anime and manga. I draw a lot and love to make people laugh. I love gays.com cuz I can finally talk to people like me. I just came out a few weeks ago as a complete lesbian and not im finding out that not everyone is excepting of it. Im not gonna change though. I am who I am. (And I just happen to love the ladies.)


Lol, I think all us here see why you love the ladies.


hey there im Meghan

im a self proclaimed nerd. im 24 and live in Peachtree City, GA. Currently im trying to get my degree in my dual majors of Computer Programming and Database Specialist. i Love to read and listen to music. it may sound cliche but im rather shy when you first talk to me but im told im pretty fun to hang out with. im up for going out to party but i really prefer to hang out with friends at someone's house cutting up and just having a good time. uh... i guess thats it. i really suck at describing myself. if you wanna talk drop me a line hope everyone has/had a good day. hasta


My Name is Amber I am 21 live in Sutton,WV with my parents and I do have a baby on the way I am not sure when I am due yet find that out today at 2:45pm. I love to write about what is on my mind and woman. I am a Avon Rep. I am also getting my GED to get back into college again. I am loving,caring and respectful I do not like alcoholics or any of the sort. I am looking for someone to hang out within my area and probably something more as time goes on. Anyways want to know more about me just contact me on here or myspace I have my link posted on my page. Have a good day! Also forgot to add I am a heart patient with a heart murmur and valve problem.


Hi everyone, I'm Ginevra, but everyone calls me Ginny, since I have a tendancy to introduce myself with my nickname haha. I'm from Maine. I love a lot of things, including EMS (Emergency Medical Services, basically working on an ambulance corps), cooking, music and writing. If I could have a career in one or more of those professions, I'd be pretty happy. I think I may be the only girl who has posted thus far who DOES like heavy metal music -- I'm listening to some right now, in fact. I'm a transsexual woman (male-to-female) and one of the reasons I so like this site is that it is the only one I've found that allows me to actually put up MtF as my gender, which is nice, cause it's honest, and then whoever looks at my profile can decide for themselves if I'm "female" enough for them lol.

Oh yeah, I'm 24.

Anything else you want to know, drop me a line or friend me =)


Hey Ladies

Im Kristen Amber ... People call me Kris. I am 20 years old. I live in this small town called Copperas Cove its in Texas. Over the summer I plan on goin back to school to become an RN. I write alot to express myself whether its in poetry or just venting. I work at GC here in Cove for Toyota n talk to a wide range of people everyday from all over the world. Kinda weird since im not much of a peoples person I keep things 100 with everyone who is in my life. Im not Bi I am complete Lesbian. I came out my 8th grade year the first girlfriend I had I was in 7th grade.
I love a variety of music ... Rock, Rap, R&B, Oldies, Country pretty much anything. If I have a good book I can get lost in it for hours. I love to just have a good time. When I lived in Florida I lived at the beach but where im at in Texas there aint shit to do ... IT SUCKS
Im a city girl stuck in the country ... Breaking out ASAP - Thats bout it Anything else just get at me n i'll respond


Hey I am Amy, I am 21 and live in Ontario. I work at a carpentry place however, I am intending on going back to school in the fall. I love all kinds of music and love going to concerts. I hit as many as possible. I enjoy drinking, partying, coffee and love watching hockey. Go Leafs Go!


Hey, I'm Kayla. I'm 21. I was born and raised in a small town in Kansas. I recently got out of the military and am currently attending Kansas University for my major in Emergency Medicine, hopefully in the next 3 years receiving my PA license.

I am very active in many sports but currently spend my time doing MMA ( cage fighting) I enjoy it most of the time. I may seem like a very aggressive person and some times come off rather arrogant but I am sweet down to my core.

I love all kinds of music as well, but i have to agree that the hard rock isnt much my style unless I'm in a bad mood.

I haven't always been 100 % gay but ever since I turned 18, I never considered myself anything but gay. I am currently in an open relationship and am looking for femme girls to talk to and get to know.

If there is anything else any one would like to know. send me a message or add me. I'm pretty open to all kinds of people.


Hey Ladies,

I'm Lucy, but my mates call me Luce.
This is my first Lesbian chat thing that I've been on so bare with me. I'm pretty open with my sexuality and I've only dated one guy but that was only for 3 weeks so i don't think that counts.
I'm an Australian born Asian and I live in Melbourne.
I love my music, it's helped me through a lot of things. I love playing my guitar even though I'm not the best at it.
I'm a smoker
I'm addicted to getting piercings and tatts
I love my beer

I've never actually been attracted to guys and I think that I've always known that I was gay. I like girls.. what can I say?

Like everyone else, if u want to get to know me please feel free to chuck us a msg or just add me, I'm a very out going person. Look forward to speak to some of you soon.. catcha


Hi... argh what do I write? haha

Im Kelly, Im 20, from Manchester England. Im currently taking a year out from studying at Manchester Metropolitan University Creative Writing to "get myself together"... sounds ominious doesnt it haha no i'm not mad, i just overthink too many things!

I came out almost 3 years ago and as of yet, no one wants to go out with me! haha woe is me im sure!

Oh christ I do sound mental, ah well

Contact me if you likey de crazzieeee


Hi everyone! My name is Kayleigh but most people call me Kay. I graduated from high school in '09 (it's weird saying that considering it is only two days into 2010) and then I took a semester off before signing up for classes at my college. I start in about a week! I am 19 years old and reside in Florida.


hi i'm allie i'm 21 and i go to school in SD. should be graduating soon then i will essentualy see where life takes me
admitedly i'm kinda a geek. i love scifi and fantasy and am a huge fan of anime. idk what yall would realy like to know so feel free to ask!


hehe whoops i just noticed i haven't introduced myself here yet, sorry. let's see.
the names Lea
i'm 18 almost 19 whoo! get to go back to drinking!
I moved to New brunswick not long ago (can't drink till 19 here booo!)
idk what i'm gonna do for my future, might go to school but not sure what.
been out for a few years and only dated 2 girls and both only lasted a couple months. so i sorta get what you saying kelly. oh and if your mental i'm far to crazy! i'm a very random person. but it's always fun cause that's what i like. i'm also like Allison for the geekyness, yay anime!
yeah so think that good hehe


Yo, I 'm LaDonna but I go by Don or Donni...
I'm 19
I attend TCI in miami
uh I'm out to everyone but my family, well my brother and my gay cousin know and my mom's in denial.lol
I'm a little goofy and silly but I like that about myself
I'm going back and forth between quitting somking
I'm part Irish and cuban so I love to drink and party
My friends call me an oreo cause I look black on the outside but I'm white on the inside, If you ask me I'm a little bit of everything there's at least 6 different cultures in my family
I love sports and music (I play 6 different intstruments)
And I'm very random


Hey gurlz,

my name is Sarah and i am a Hooah soldier in the us army
dont ask dont tell is a fucking stick in my side but its worth it if i can help save peoples lives

anyway i love games and anime and rock music...girls.i love lots of things actually

im fairly random and i actually rather just answer questions about myself rather than just blather on

i find my self quite irritating and i am not fond of talking about myself

i am very excited to have more friends so i hope people accept me here


whats up
name is amanda
nothing really interesting from fort worth
i work to support myself i live on my own im so glad
i have a gf for over 3 and 1/2 yrs now she is my everything
im 20 add me im goofy and silly really quiet and keep to myself for the most part till i get to know you


hey! my name is amanda too....I'm turning 21 in 23 days...on the 26th of january...can finally drink...legally...then...lol...yeah....ummm...lets see,I am a real band geek, I play trombone and piano mostly, but can also play trumpet, baritone, and a little guitar and bass guitar....I'm going to Western MU...I was born in Cheboygan, lived in Indian River until I was five, then moved to Hastings, a little hicktown between Kalamazoo, Battle Creek and Grand Rapids...I'm living on campus in Kalamazoo...When I was younger, I never really got boy crazy like all my friends did, so I thought I just never hit that stage yet...now i realize it was just me... like one of my friends once told me... so you're straight...so is spaguetti till you heat it up but anyways...yeah as far as I know I'm not straight, but i've never dated another girl, or kissed or anything, if that sounds weird...yeah...I'm pretty shy at first, then I can be funny and all that fun stuff. I like to hang out or party or whatever, as long as it's fun for everyone...I love rock, heavy metal, and country music mostly, but will listen to anything except rap...no offense to those that do...just never got into it...anyways, yeah, so if anyone wants to hook up whether to "hook up" or just to hang, that's cool...

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