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What Percentile Do You Fall In? - Bi Bi Bi Women

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Let's clear up one myth not every one is 50/50! Some of us 60/40, 80/20, or 90/10. In my case I'm in the 70/30 range, 70% female and 30%male. I figure it out over the years how many guys on average I dated versus how many ladies I've dated. So out of 10 people three were males! Females are higher on my list I mean come on they look way bettah in clothes than guys, and I myself enjoy seeing cute underwear on them (smile) or off! But I'm not done yet the guys get me to turn my head with that body, I'm a sucker for abs and dimples (face or butt doesn't matter a dimple is a dimple lol) but that's me! Where do you fall in the percentile?


Im not sure where i fall. i mean i have dated way more guys than i have women but that doesnt mean that i like guys more. im more shy around women than i am around guys. so its caused me to date more guys....


I agree with Courtney... it's much easier to date a guy even though you might love to be with a certain woman. I myself to am much more shy around girls.. I don't know why but I am. Maybe I need someone to take my hand and help me enter this world that I so much want to be in. Once there I will probably be just fine. What does everyone else think? Is it easy the first time?


well, havin only just acceptin that i am bi, iv only dated men, but then, that count has only been 2. But the amount of females iv liked, and fallen for, even though i previously tried to deny it out weigh the total number of men iv liked and fallen for, and i understand what courtney and katie mean, when they say theyre more shy around women. And i totaly understand what you mean Katie, Im still findin my feet and get really quite nervous, I too, want to know if other people find it easy, as i certainly dont.
I myself i would say im more 80-20, female-male, but then in a total different argument, (tho i dont actualy want to cause an argument...) i dont really see gender as such, i see personality.


for me i think it just depends on the day.
there are some days i'm more attracted to girls than guys, and there are some days when i'm attracted to more guys than girls.


For me when I was younger it was more men than women; but the older I get it is definitely leaning the other way. Now I am actually in a committed relationship with a man, but I have told him, with the exception of him I think it may just be girls for me! Maybe I should call that 95/5?


i dont really view this as how many guys vs girls you've gone out with. for me, its how interested you are in guys or girls. yeah it changes for me from time to time, but i'd say i'm 60/40. moreso interested in girls atm


well if we are going off of the people we have dated, im 50/50 cause i have only dated one girl and one guy. but if we are going into how interested we are in guys and girls, i would say im 90/10 (leaning more towards girls). For me, im more shy around guys, im all giddy and girly like. where as with girls, im more "show offish". im more comfortable cause we have more things in common.


hmmm... i have my days... im very indecisive anyway ehe...

indecisive being that if i see a girl that I know (friend that is) i try and stay away from them cos i always end up having this lust for their personality and body, which for me never ends in a gd way, always in tears

recently I would probably say i get more moved/turned on by girls than i do boys cos theres more to look at and hear... (sorry if that sounds pervy) hair, eyes, voices... stuff like that!

very shy around guys too like you Candace! im not sure what the percentage would be really...

i would call it queer more tho as i do have my days...
weird but i love it


Well I'm actually married but one of my biggest secrets is that I'm 60/40 girls over guys.I love to be in the company of a women,we have some of the same feelings.


Good comments everyone! I was starting to think that no one comes here anymore!



Does anyone else here think it's impossible to put into a cut-and-dry percent?
Personally, I don't want to explain away my attraction in terms of numbers and percents. The Kinsey scale is outdated.
If you find yourself more attracted to one sex or the other, I think it's more a matter of personality differences and what kind of person you work with better, because they totally are different experiences entirely.


I wouldn know where i stand i guess i haven really been around a lot of people like..if i was to it back and think i probably like guys more than girls..its all about the personality to me


I respects everyone comments and appreciate you being honest with urself. It's okay to like something or somebody more than the other. It's okay to be attracted to somoeone because of their personality more than sexuality. That's what makes us real. I don't think its okay to be neutral about everything or everyone and total avoid answering the question. If this is who u are then by all means be who u are don't lower urself jus bcuz u feel people won't understand. People never will understand but u shouldn't have to mass urself to make them feel comfortable. I wrote this discussion cuz im not afraid of what I like and how much I like a certain person or thing. If you ask me a question imma answer and not deflect the question with another. If you take this the wrong way well maybe you got something to hid or still fearful and need to evalute urself to see what you truly are about. Thank you for the comments so far and continue to show the real you not only in here but everywhere u go! Screw the majority views lol


If we base percentile on how many men verses women we've dated, I would have to say I'm dead center. But knowing me and how I am, I really am sort of the type to lean for the girls. I find myself easier to talk to when I'm with a guy but girls are just so intriguing that sometimes I get quite bashful. Although, again, I must admit, woman are more my thing. So 70/30 I suppose.


See ladies what happens is we expect a better understanding from females I know I love my ladies but always find a man dat gives me less headaches dan a female "example" I'm legally married to a women but she's drove me nuts from the first day we signed dat contrat after all da people i cut off because of jealousy she cheats on me..... : (


Couldnt really tell you where i lie because Im in love and engaged to be married to a male but females make my head turn more often hhhhmmmmmm??


for me its 50/50 I guess, I love both females and males, they both have their wonderful points as well as bad points I guess!


I guess I'm being accused of deflecting the question?
Fine - 100/100. I love women as much as heterosexual men, and I love men as much as straight women. So there.


Tru indeed much respect everyone!
and thank you Nyki(ur a brat to the end are you?) for answering I knw that it must of been sooooooo hard for you (smile). I ask questions that's kinda hard cuz its all bout ur reaction to it and i like all the different answers . Its not right or wrong but an answer besides jus wait til the next one I want u to answer that one too Nyki (smile)


hi ladies! as for DATING, I've only dated men because I was straight until I got married. I am totally 100% attracted to my man but now I have trained myself to only like girls with the exception of a few really close male friends.