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My miss perfect - Love and Romance

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There are many qualities I look for in a partner but there is only one who can truely match my miss perfect so if you think that you match the following description then let me know.

She is not like other girls, she not only appreciates the fine things in life, but the simple things are what she loves the best. Her personality is that of a completely undescribable sort. She loves animals, art, music, sports, and people. She is stubborn to the end, and never gives up on anything. This girl has to be willing to take care of me and let me take care of her. She isn't afraid to show how she feels, yet she is strong. She has both beauty and brains, but her beauty is not the only thing that matters to her. My miss perfect is comfortable in her own skin. She should be able to have fun and know how to dance in the rain; needs to know how to take the good and also the bad. She loves to read and watch every kind of film. She is by every definition of the word UNIQUE......she likes to cuddle, and doesn't care what people think about her. She is the type of girl who can make me smile, and can just lay there in our room and be alone with me with no regrets.

That is my miss perfect.........and like I said if you think you fit this discription or think you know someone who does then just leave me a message....I WILL reply.


I always have a hard time with this. I just can't seem to word it right. But I guess I'll try.
Guys: He must have respect for women, and like me for everything I am not just peices. He has a glowing personlity that makes him fun to be around and easy to talk to. Physically, I like them semi-fit. Not to thin but not all out body builder either. I also like a bit of facial hair.
Women: Not to girly, shes gotta be able to get down and dirty with me. Has a focus in life, she doesnt just lay around and let people do stuff for her. Shes soft with maybe a curve here and there. Her personality is like the sun. Brightiening everyones day. Physicaly.. um A healthy weight, at least semi-attractive. Other than that I love them all!! Asians, African americans, whites I hugs them all!! hehehehe


I agree on the description on women but for men: He has to have respect for everyone not just women, and like me for me not just a piece of ass. He has to know how to have a good time, but also how to be serious. He needs to love animals and not be afraid of getting beat fair and square at sports by me and he has to be able to work on cars with me. He is gentle but tough and he is brave but can show fear...he isn't afraid to cry, and he is perfectly okay with being both romantic and goofy....he is proud but not too proud....and he can be intimate without being physical but can also be physical. he must fit my standard of just being himself no matter what and can make me laugh when I want to cry. My miss perfect must also have all of this.


hehehe i love them all types of women each have so much to bring to the plate so if u ask about my miss perfect i really dont know yet but i can tell u that i love shy women, i love a girl i can protect and she can also get the courage to protect me when i need it. she has to be goofy yet romantic loves it when i play her knight and shining armour. loves animals, loves people, she can watch me do sparring matchs or she can join in my sparring matchs, she loves me for me and doesnt want to me to change, she lusts after me the one i lust after her, she clings to me and holds on to me for dear life. she can be girly on the streets but boyish in the sheets lol, she can be tomboyish on the streets but girly in the sheets, she can be my heart and i'll be hers...um i really like to exp. new things and new people so for right now this is my dream girl


eh? i heard my name what now? hmm *reads*
well now the reason i really haven't said anything here is cause i don't believe in narrowing down ppl to what i want from them in a relationship, i go on feeling, sure i'd prefer certain qualities but it mainly just goes down to if i can communicate with her or not *shrug*


One, two, three, and Four pairs of panties for me! Thanks for the donation ladies! I'm like Visa I'm everywhere but imma let Romeo speak on the Ms. Perfect thing since I Bandit don't focus on perfect but Ms. Right Now and right now I got what I came for!

My Ms. Perfect,
Even though I fit most of your description at last im not ur Ms. Perfect for I belong to another. She is my Ms. Perfect for the reason you listed that's what I am with her. She's warm, sensitive, and beautiful. She loves kids, dogs and respect for her elders/family. Her mind is open to anything so she's not afraid to speak it. She dignify herself as a real woman when in times of being tested by the fake and ignorant.
My Ms. Perfect knows how to party with people and get me to relax with her without saying a word. With just a touch from her hand I can go from angry to calm for she is the rock that holds me down. My Ms. Perfect makes me work harder to provide her the best even though she says I didn't have too. She's not conceited even though she has a right to be. She allows me to be myself even though I make mistakes sometimes, she never disses me or call me names when I make a mistake. She likes me for who I am even though I don't show my emotions much. She understands why I gotta be strong even when she see that im tired sometimes. My Ms. Perfect is involve with our plans of building. My Ms. Perfect can do this thing where I just lose all control and she can say words that even have me blushing and moist.
My Ms. Perfect is always first in line! The others see me when they see me and still get nothing, so she never is threaten for she is always first and laught at them for getting her scraps.
Ms. Perfect is a bad bitch and she doesn't have to say it, to get someone like me on my best behavior without asking, that's truly is a Ms. Perfect for me. She can have anything or anyone but she wants me all the time! Which is PERFECT by ME!

Miss me?(smile)


awww *wipes a tear from her eye* i'm not angry anymore for losing my panties, good job romeo. now stay the f with us! jk hehe


My Ms. Perfect.

What I'm looking for is a girl that I can spend endless amount of time with and still be able to have a conversation for hours with her. I like someone who is romantic and gentle. I'd like to be able to write her love poems. I want someone that I can bring back home and not be ashamed of. I want her to have respect for me, for herself, and for others. She has to have a good sense of humor, someone that I can share a good laugh with always makes me happy. I want someone that isn't afraid to let herself be a kid. I want someone that I can be my entire self around without having to be afraid that she is going to use that against me. I want her to be pretty dorky, because I'm one of the cheesiest dorks you may come across. I love artistic girls, whether it be art, or music. I love to go to museums, so someone that wouldn't mind going to one with me. I also love to travel the world; so I'd like her to travel with me. I just want an overall sweet heart that can treat me right.


nice......idk i guess there is just too much that describes my ms. perfect, i just can't list everything. idk the more i read what i put down the more i want to add i suppose that i just love everything in people and it doesn't really matter what flaws she has, or what she is capible of doing, i just want her to be happy if i ever meet her.


yeah i find it's confusing trying to think of what a perfect partner would be, you think of things and than after some time you can think of things that counter and say that wasn't right or you think of more things and you just end up confusing yourself.
ppl say love doesn't matter as long as you love them, but there's still rules, they can't be to much older or younger, can't be the same gender, can't be related and so on. we even make our own rules of what that person has to be like.
to me, love is the only thing that matters.
i vote for this discussion to be silly! ^.^


well ur gonna be the uke!

or would u like to switch between uke and seme sometime?

i can play a good uke :3

what u want to spank me lea


*sighs* ok but since i'm in the anime sence mood i'll make this seem perfect! your the uke!
*with crystal sitting on her knees, i lean over her slightly, one hand cupping her chin, i lean in slightly, my other hand on her shoulder. her eyes filled with a soft kindness as she smiles softly." Don't cry anymore, okay?" *lowers herself to be closer to crystal she kisses her passionately*


*taken by surprise, falls back from it a bit in shock, struggles slightly from it, but soon submits, seeming to enjoy it*

(anime moment lost but regained! i feel so anyways..)

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