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What are some of the worst remarks about being bisexual? - Bi Bi Bi Women

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i understand


What pisses me off is when people tell me that if you are bi you are just confused and what they don't seem to understand is that just because you know what you like that doesn't make you confused. My older sister told me that and I told her I don't catigorize her as confused because she switches up boyfriends like daily. I just told her that she can't help it but to like being diverse and that is close to my being bi I can't help it that I like both girls and guys.


I haven't read all the posts tho much of the things you have writen i do agree/disagree on.

In my tiny town there is most straight ppls and most see bisexualety as a trend or something out of the ordinary, gays are almost more exepatble. And there is many that say the they are bi tho they are just curiouse. But i think that it is ok for them to still say that they are bi, when it is very hared to grade how much or little you like persons with the same sex.
One thing some say is that we have more to chose from as bi-persons. But I don't think so. It is so many things that has to click sometimes to be attracted to other persons as it is for straights/gays.


I haven't read all the posts either! there are alot! I know alot of people in the 'glbt' scene. I know alot of bi women, as well as men! The thing I get most is Lez's saying ther are scared to date me because bi girls have bad track records.... but I know alot of bi people in very loving open relationships that work very well!


Yep, definitely being 'confused' comes into conversation a lot, or that I just want to be able to have sex with everyone :S
I also HATE when men want a 3some with me and another girl when they learn that I'm bisexual. Very annoying.


The worst/most creative one I've ever gotten was from my best friend, actually. She was like "I think you're straight. You're just so open-minded, you THINK you're bi. But you're really not."
It's definitely not the most offensive I've ever heard, but it was the strangest. :P

But when she makes comments like that, it does strange things to me - I almost feel like I have to act a certain way to try to convince her? I know that's ridiculous and it disgusts me, but it's just what seems to happen.


i feel bi. i mean i feel how i am as a born man who needs to share ideas, feelings, intimacy in some plus way with women and men. true, it requires not to be confused, not to play with the partners but to share love and dedication. and when i come to a girl i love her skin, when i come to a guy, i love his skin and they are both giving the same pleasures and still pleasures are to be felt differently. it is a plus, it is something that accomplishes my own being and i feel totally myself as they friends also do. it is so great, hard yes, but so huge an great that only those who can feel that can make it and get to the best of such a lifestyle. others may say whatever they want, and so what? but, maybe they can see that we enjoy being bi. and this may be the prob. .... i am bi!


ever since i told my boyfriend that i'm bi and that i have a few bi friends, he's been hounding me for a three-som. i don't get it! just because i like girls doesn't mean i'm willing to have sex with them in the same bed as him. i'm bi, not adventurous. honestly, i'm uber jealous in bed. if another person so much as looked at him in a wired way, i'd get supppeeerrrprotective.


I almost got kicked out for being bisexual. o.O;
I'm 15 though, and my mom started screaming at me when she noticed I was (she saw pictures of me kissing a girl). She told me that I'm not her child if I'm bi or gay. I was scared a denied it. That's the only reason why I'm still living in my house... She told me I was effed up. Because I can't like both. But I do.... :/


yea... Thats kinda why I'm in the delima I'm in where I never really got to explore that side of me or got to be with a gurl because my parents are very old fashion and well I was always scared about what they were gonna say and what the kids in school would say because there arnt many gays/bi's where I live either. But now I'[m like o well you either like it or you don't. You kno! cuz you really only have one life and that life is to pursue your own happiness not to be wasted on makin everyone else in this world more comfortable by hiding yourself just to give them what theyre use to or spare them from a lyfestyle that doesn't affect them in anyway.


I am bi sexual!! I am proud it's who I am!! U are who u are for a reason. I have been called "Greedy" by a few people, mostly men!! But I can't help it if I find men and women beautiful!! I am passionate about men and women and will always have feelings and love for both no matter what anyones got to say. At the end of the day, Only I can judge me!!


I don't mind bisexual girls as long as they are sure of what they want.
I'm gay but I've been withs guys before, therefore I understand what they see in guys. If a bi girl wants to date me, she just has to be honest.
Most bi girls I know just want to have fun for a night or be friends with benefits, which I don't mind at all! lol, I'm ok with that as long as they are fair with me.


I know what u mean. Everybody says just because im bi means im confused or I dont know what i want. Or that im going to hell for likeing both women and men. And since im married everyone thinks because I like women means i dont love my husband. But i do and then sometimes I just want to be with a women. I love being with women they make me feel so good.


i am friends with a lot of guys but they dont understand why i like both, they think i can only like one or the other. the easiest way i find to discribe it to them, is : i like men because it is staight forward and easy, then i ask them to tell me why they like women and tell them i completely agree with them. they tend to not bother me about it anymore.
and i hate being asked for 3somes. to me its like they are saying i am not adequate enough, but i'd be happy to involve another girl.


You know what? If people can't see the beauty in bisexuality, than SHAME ON THEM. I am proud to be bisexual. After being a little conflicted with it and wondering if there is something wrong with me, I have come to the conclusion that these are MY feelings. I can't suppress them. If it so happens that I like a man, so be it. I don't have to act on feelings if I don't WANT to. I was married once--to a man--and I have been with men when I divorced. But I feel that I PREFER WOMEN. I also feel it takes a secure man or woman, gay or straight, to deal with a bisexual woman. I don't think I will marry a man again. I want a woman as a life partner, and if she is secure, and we are honest, there is nothing wrong. I like the company of a man, but have found men to be selfish in their love and desire to satisfy me. This is my experience. I KNOW there are men somewhere who care if they please a woman first. I can do without heterosexual intercourse for a LONG time, but I do love oral sex with a man. If a woman is comfortable in having an open relationship with me, it doesn't mean I want orgies every night. Quite the contrary. It's just that once in a while, I might want to be with a man I find attractive who respects my feelings and I give him head. What's wrong with that? If a woman may say, OK, you're bisexual, but I need someone to be monogamous with me. That's cool. I can live with that. But no pretense--just honesty, folks!


it's really fun being bi but the worse problem i've got with people is that i've been accused of 'not being gay enough' and girls won't/haven't dated me because of it. that really pisses me off but i don't care about people who are competing with gayness. girls are beautiful and that will never change.


It feels like listening to my own thoughts when I read your comments!
For me bisexuality came in a very unconscious way after being traditionally heterosexual... I just started having dreams and dreams about girls, next thing I knew I was fantasizing about threesomes! I love both options, I love to mix them and play, be in love and chose a person, not a sex. I love feeling a man's body, but I love the caress of a breast over my skin... But immediately after meeting gay girls they look at you with their "gay radar"; I was there, being told I was just CONFUSED. For them it looks like we're not trustable, un unloyal kind of gay... I ended up hanging out with other girls in my condition, but I still feel not able to connect completely with the queer atmosphere..


The worst remark i have ever heard about being bi-sexual came from my own mother as i explained to her that the girl i had just introduced to her and brought to dinner, was actually my girlfriend. She claimed that "it's just a phase" and " it isn't possible to like both sexes." This came as a shock to me, as my mother has always taught me and my siblings to be understanding of others, and not to be ignorant .But this by far is the most hurtful thing i had heard .It IS possible to find both sexes attractive.She has since seen me go through boyfriends and even has a good relationship with my current girlfriend.but anyone that can say that being bi-sexual is 'faking it' is seriously misinformed.


Man, that sucks that it was your mom that said that too. My mother has never said it to my face, but i get that feeling whenever I am around her .... that she just thinks it's a phase.


ay guys i kno this is for bi chick's or seems to be purely for them well i am a lez and i wanted to comment that not all of us lez's view bi's in negative manner i would like to say that i had a loving 6 year relationship with a bi lady and that did not bother me at all we were open and honest from the start it didnt mean that i would let her go out and sleep with a man when ever she felt like it either thou the way i explained it to her is that ok we all have feelings and they can be for who ever they like to be but she wouldnt like it if i slept with another chick purely based on physical feelings just as i would like her to remain faithful to me. i guess my point is that i would date a bi girl if we had a spark i think the trouble is that we all like to throw shit at one another when really we should accept the honesty in free love and loving freely weather gay bi or straight
the end i hope i havent offended any1 as this has not been my intention i just think that we should stop slagging each other off in our exclusive groups
peace and love cj


i came from a small town and i was too scared to tell a lot of my girl friends that i was bi because they automatically think you're attracted to them and they act differently. i finally came out when i went to college. ... to literally everyone EXCEPT my family. i love it in school because a lot of my friends are at least curious and are all "free love" (yay existentialism) but i still don't know what to tell my parents. i'm currently in a relationship with a guy. and i've always joked that i would only come out to my parents if i was serious with a woman and brought one home. but i mean the more i think about where my life is going. the more i think that is a legitimate possibility and even if i never bring a girl home... my family should know right? my family isn't religious really. but my father is ALL about the traditional nuclear family... and i think he would ruin his "name." if i didn't follow that scheme... how did you guys come out? any tips?


I'm just trying to come out. I've always been sexually repressed for the biggest part of my life. Religion, region, stigma. I have tried to talk to a gay friend and a lesbian friend, a straight friend, and in three conversations i was basically shut down. Gay guys do not understand. "Some people can just love who they're with. That doesn't make you bi" ummmm... duh? Lesbian friend... I'm just letting my man control me, and how do I know if I like women if I've never had sex with one. If someone was celibate wouldn't they know what they are? It's not about sex. Well, some of it. My straight friend, "most women fantasize about having sex with a woman, it doesn't mean you're bi"

I had to admit it to myself when it wouldn't leave my brain. As a teenager I would masturbate after a sleep over friend fell asleep. I always wanted to hang with the gay girls, and the bad boys. I have had so many crushes on women. I kind of ruined a couple good friendships not realizing what I was feeling was possessiveness and jealousy and desire. Some women I just avoided because they made me horny just talking to them. The things we do to avoid admitting to ourselves that bi-sexuality is a real thing and not just a sex thing to be avoided.

Then I figured it didn't matter because I was married to the perrson I love, have a satisfying sex life, and am committed. But it does matter!!! I need to be who I am regardless of who I am with.

I wish I would have known sooner


I swear all women my age in my hometown are bi. The trouble is that most say it for attention and the other minority end up turning one way or the other. So there are only a select few of us that are truly bi. I've always preferred women over men, but I married a man, so it's kind of hard to just turn one way or the other for me ...... The worst criticism I ever got was from my Dad, because he thought I was faking or doing it for attention. I don't even bring it up anymore. It's probably a good thing I'm not married to a woman, though, or he'd probably stop talking to him.....His main issue is that he wants like 50 freaking grandchildren and there's only three of us girls (cuz my brothers' mentally handicapped)....I'm sorry I don't have 19 kids and counting! ....... Anyways, people also think I'm cheating when I enjoy a woman because I'm married.... but the person who has the most say (my hubby) is totally okay with it and that's all that matters. ..... As far as threesomes go, I'm mostly okay with them. Having another man is uncomfortable for David and usually makes me want to throw up. Having another woman is definitely okay. The only thing is, she's got to be bi, so we can all enjoy each other. And as far as staying in the closet, in my hometown that's impossible because EVERYBODY knows everybody's business. If you want to be in the closet in Charles City, you'd have to move!