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Los Angeles now has a lesbian bishop! What do you guys think? - The Gay Christian Network

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From AP:

"The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles has elected the second openly gay bishop in the national church and the world Anglican fellowship.

The Rev. Mary Glasspool of Baltimore won election as assistant bishop in Los Angeles in voting Saturday. The first openly gay bishop, V. Gene Robinson of New Hampshire, was consecrated in 2003.

The Episcopal Church is the Anglican body in the United States. The election of Robinson already has deeply fractured the global Anglican Communion.

Within the United States, theologically conservative Episcopalians this year formed a rival church, called the Anglican Church in North America.

Glasspool lives with a female partner. Her election as assistant bishop must be approved by a majority of national church leaders."



WOHOOO Awesome! Times really are changing, slowly but they sure are changing.


That just makes me happy.


I think it is one step closer to all around acceptance. Of course, even if there is such a thing in the future, there will still be people who oppose.


I'm sorry but I've looked high and low and I still don't see this Gay Community everyone talks about. Did you ever notice that gay men don't have the first thing in common with lesbians? Take a good look and you'll see plenty of lesbians in men’s bars but you never see a gay man in a lesbian bar. I've been stared down and asked to leave when I go. There's your community. I'm off to church now to hear all about God from a lesbian bishop who doesn’t know anything more about Him than I do. Maybe she'll read me the part of the bible where it says women can't be ordained. Maybe she'll tell me why so many gay people insist on being accepted by the church in the first place. The bible is very clear on homosexuality. Why get mad at people who point that out? Religion is for people who don't feel worthy of God's love. I do. Is it fair to force ourselves on religion and insist that they rethink their philosophy? I think everyone has a right to their own ideas, most Christians think being gay is a sin. So what? We need to be just as tolerant of their views as we expect them to be of ours. We also need to stop going to their church. Religion doesn’t have any answers, it never did. God is not religious. A wise man once said, Everything you feel you need to fight will weaken you. What you focus on expands. What we really want is respect. That may mean taking a good look at how we behave and not just labeling everyone else as a hater. Christianity still has a lot of thinking to do, so do gay people.


Well Antonio, it sounds like you have a lot of emotion about this subject. I don't know what you've gone through, or exactly what experiences you've had in life. All I can say is one...this is not a war against gay Christians or straight Christians. Nine times out of ten you won't find God/Christ in a bar-gay, straight, or lesbian. What those who like myself (who are Christian and happen to be gay (I don't really like the term "gay-Christian")) are trying to do is hold others' hands in the trying times they may go through (coming out/finding peace and soul rest) like we've gone through. I refuse to try and lecture you-that's not what God would want. Yes, I could give you everything in the world, scripture and all, to prove my point, but we as Christians shouldn't debate the word of God. The spirit of God will NEVER lead you in the wrong direction...and that goes to anyone who reads this. If your spirit feels convicted at your lifestyle the go straight and never look back... BUT there are those like myself that felt that conviction not from the bible, but from others. My spirit doesn't feel convicted by my lifestyle. In my heart I believe that God still gets glory the way I live and try to live-like Christ...and in the end, that's all that really matters. Let's get away from the word religion and move toward relationship. Obtain a relationship with God/Christ. Spend time with him/talk to him, tell him how you feel about things. Do everything you would do in a physical relationship to create a bond that can't be broken. A pastor once said something about all the religions and denominations, thoughts, ideas, and ect. He said he felt that when we get to heaven, Jesus will say (in so many words) "Guess what? None of you are 100% correct." Not the baptist, not the methodist, not episcopal, nor catholic, not the jewish or anyone who purses Christ in their own way...and I totally agree. Everyone has a portion of the way to me-and they all mean well-but the best/only way to get TO the God is THROUGH God...who is one in the same as His son. I really don't mean to upset you or anyone for that matter, but my heart feels greatly convicted knowing that at the moment there could be someone half way about to end their life-like I wanted to once upon a time-because they can't live in mental turmoil. I can't sleep knowing that I could've said something to give someone hope for tomorrow/relief on their heart and mind and soul. Because when I stand before God, I want Him to say "You Rashad did your very best. You tried to show others Me and did My work by spreading the good news. You obeyed me and encouraged someone else and they gave me-life-a second chance, and they accepted me." That's why I say what I say-it's all kingdom work to me.


What turmoil this path of equality is taking us down ,when I came to the fork in the road and we elected the first female Bishop in Western Australia I was in a great crisis because as a philosophy I believe in equality.As a Christian I am celibate I spill no seed and believe Christ is the way handed down to us unchanged. Are these not the same devisions of the first century Christians. This will not Help the body of Christ ,ie. the church, only further divide it further. Come as you are and change through Christ, and Sin no more


we need to accept changes..good changes to humanity.


I think it's great that the church is becoming more open to all this. And while it's true that the gay and lesbian community is not all that organized in that sense, at the same time we all struggle through similar paths and if there are some of us who are open to building that bridge between gay and lesbians then there is hope. I think if any community is based on being accepting of differences is ours so instead of complaining about it or pointing out the bad parts we should celebrate the fact that we are so extremely different yet at the same time we are very much the same.


I think it's great that that has happened but at the same time its in LA how often does LA shoot down people for being gay. Now I could see if they said that Texas or Illinois has a lesbian bishop thatd would seem like more progress to me. It just seems that the only place we REALLY would get freedom is in California. But when you put religion with Homosexuality and ask whats the problem you may see that the bible say homosexuality is a sin. But everyone sins. Why is homosexuality so different from any other sin. I don't understand how some people could follow a being that is all about love (God) and not love anyone at all. I mean Im not mad at them for that but it seems they are giving up on trying to HELP us understand more about the bible and stuff. Church is a hospital for sinners not a museum of saints. I really believe that a lot of religious people develop a hate that blinds them from seeing how hateful they're being. It is as if they can sin and we can't or its as if they can have God and we can't. I love my God and no one can ttell me differently. But as God says you must love thy neighbor. That is what I'm trying to do love them as much as they hate me. Love them even though the hate in them may entice one to kill me. No one can get mad at homophobes because yes they may hurt and hate innocent people but at the same time they are doing the same thing as we are. They are fighting for their belief but they just have a better arsenal and more people. But its not impossible for us to win and get our dignity at least.


And for Adrian Im happy that you have done as God has told you. And I love your philosophy. I just believe that there is always going to be someone that disagrees. And with that comes conflict whether it be because someone tells you God doesnt love you or whether they say that even though you're are celibate you are a homosexual so you cant go to heaven. People need to learn how to handle other people and take their crap and at least look at what they say. Ignoring them is not the answer. In that predicament you could either ask more about why they think that or you could get really angry and stop talking to them completely. But that is not the way we want to go because we wouldnt want someone else to ignore us. We just need patience.


It's about time! YOU GO GIRL!