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hell ya catrina (thats my girl) and i have been talkin since a week before thanks giving and had our first date the day before christmas eve it was amazing i cant wait till friday!!


aww love its so sweet =3

i still dont have my permit xD LOL got to get it xD


The baby cries day and night wishing to see its mother. But the mother wanders the streets looking for a new high. Though the baby’s cries are louder than thunder; the mother doesn’t hear. Will anyone save us? Will anyone save me? The believers taunt us and rape us of our pride. Some help, but others laugh. Believe and you will be set free; believers feel invincible and powerful because they have their god. They can beat anything, but in reality, they can’t see how silly a believer is. The child knows how to escape, but won’t. It wants its mother, it loves its mother. It can’t abandon her like everyone else. Or is it because it has no place to go? The touch of the mother is cold; she is pale, sloppy and dirty. Do I really want this? Millions of footsteps chatter like monkeys, smells of nature on concrete, as clear skies tells me why I was brought here. Grasping its mother’s cold hands, trying hard not to get lost in the herd, Pushing through, It losing its grip…she lets go. Looking for the cold hand, panicking, it gives up.

(This is my escape see the difference?)



The stallion runs free through the bright green meadows racing to be set free from the darkness. The darkness swallows the meadows killing everything it touches. The stallion races to its paradise. “ I live to be free no chain can hold Me.” the sound of thunder, the cries of children, the sorrow of women, the hatred of men form into chains. The stallion is attacked it runs faster. Its paradise is so close, but yet so far, Chains come from every direction. The stallion yells to be set free its marches on but the cries and sorrow is so loud even in complete silence. My paradise looks at me and smiles. She cups my cheeks and kisses my lips, then lets go. The stallion beings to be gulp by the darkness with a wave and a smile my paradise sends me off into the world of sorrow and hatred.

(Another one)


awesome job crystal i really like them (minus the word rape but i get why u used it)


And Then Came You

Before you
Trust wasn't something I gave,
Joy wasn't something I had,
Happiness wasn't something I knew
I was shattered and on the floor.
And then came you.
You put me back together,
Breaking through every lock.
Making the wall I built
Crumble to the ground.
Now trust is something I've given,
Joy is something I have,
Happiness has graced my life.
All this came with you.....

just wrote this need some opinions not sure if it flows right


I have Writers Block at the end of this....

There you are
With all your brilliance
A smile so radiant
Eyes that sparkle
Lips that love gently
Yet you are so far

Your touch, as sweet bliss
Your words, lasting release
Your gaze, holds me gasping
Kisses, such delight
Your warmth, addicting
You are what I miss

Our time is precious
For there is so little
Hold me close
Never let go
Love me forever and always
You are my goddess

Rare is my sight
Plentiful are my words


Yeah... lol.

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