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What types of things do you write, if you do? What inspires you?


I'm so glad someone made the writers group, as I started a thread on the art group. I write quite a bit, and that is anything from poetry and short stories, extended free verses and song, and spoken word and diary entries.

I tend to be personal with writing because I feel when I want to put something on paper, it's usually when I'm feeling low and vulnerable, and with an obsession to remember the past and not forget the times that shouldn't be forgotten for that matter, times a cooking.

Here's a small quote I typed a few days ago.

"I'm never able to see you again, touch you, feel your brutalities, scream in your face and call you meaningless names, have an outlet to throw my fists in the air, and in the end it all doesn't even matter how I feel, because it's not as if anything will change due to how I feel."

And here's a 6-7 line poem about gay culture, it's meant to be head turning.

Overly flamboyant raging drag queens racing
The race track winds the streets of Vancouver
Gays and Queers cheer alike, eyeing another for Saturday night
Careful with impulse, for you'll be mistaken with the wrong arangement, but who really gives a damn in the end
They're all the same, all those holes and openings,
always in pride is their burning flame

Anywho, just a snippet of my head space on paper :P


I usually write short stories. Sometimes I write novel, but not a very long one. Cause I cannot keep writing the same story with all my passion and zeal.

Of course, I write in Chinese as I am a Hongkonger. I mainly write stories concerning boys' love, bromance and homosexuality. And although I may write tragedies, I feel contented after doing so.


Hi everyone. I've written all my life. I moved around alot as a child, so I discovered my love of writing through letters to the friends I'd left behind. Then the angst set in and I turned to lyric writing for one failed band after another. Then I started writing drama, which I've written for the last ten years or so; mainly screenplays. I'm fascinated by the conditions in people that cause then to fail and the ways inwhich they overcome them.

I edited a gay magazine in my early twenties, but besides contributing to that, I haven't written much queer material. I have plenty of ideas, but not the stomach to put them on paper so far...I'd like to though.

Here's a link to the last thing I had published, hope you enjoy it....



occasionally I write, there was a series I started in my junior high school but I kinda stopped after working on the 4th story


Thanks Miranda, I don't have much online, although I should. I'm quite busy developing something right now, so I guess I'll put something up in the near future; let you know when I do...I appreciate the thoughts.


Wow I'm so glad people are actually posting to this. To answer myself: I write constantly. Poems, short stories, sketches, journal entries, novels (I've written 3). Its an outlet. I've never been scared to put anything on paper because if I don't want to, no one has to see it. Its getting it down - tangible - that's important to me. I can always burn it later. I'm inspired by anything and everything, but especially music.


I've been writing since I was.... 8 or so. I started writing a story then, but I never finished it. I write poetry most of the time, and I've been working on a fantasy novel for years, but still haven't finished it. I wrote some random short stories and yesterday I finished my first novel. It was the first time I joined www.nanowrimo.org, and it has been a great experience. The story has a lot of gay characters in it, although I usually write about other things as well. I get my inspiration everywhere, things I see, things I do, sometimes just songs or random words. If I really don't have inspiration, I send a message to my best friend and ask her to give me the first word that comes up. She texts me right back and wham, I got inspiration for a poem or short story For my novel I asked for a word, a random sentence and a song title. So my inspiration came from te words: Tomato, I'm hungry, I will survive. Not bad, ey?


I have been writing for a long time. I am working with a publishing company as we speak to publish my first full novel. Its called whispering queen. Its fiction and has everything from vamps to changelings, even a few magic folk and fey.


I love poetry and expressing my fantasy's thru writing.. I enjoy the way you can make words flow together, give details as if what you are reading is happening at that very moment.. my writings consist of passionate, erotic romance.. here's part of one of my writings, called Fantasy Within a Dream..

Last night I dreamed of you....I dreamed of us together­...lying under the night sky, as our hands danced in one another to the music nature made....in the spotlight the moon created.....­we stared into eachother eyes as my hand slowly slid out of yours and through your hair....it was like we were in a trance, hypnotize by the attraction we had for eachother...­an amazing feeling came through my body...it was as if we were making love..wi­thout making love..
we were thinking of what we wanted to do to one another and that was enough to send tingles down our bodies... my mind left for a moment....I was in my fantasy..­. I saw myself pulling you to me by your waist, bringing my lips to yours as I slowly pecked you a few times.. ea­ch time becoming more and more passionate and lingering, as if teasing you...


Ive been writing short stories since I was eleven, but even before that I enjoyed making poems or thinking up fantasy worlds. Mostly because I moved so often and had to create worlds of my own a lot of the time. I still write a lot (Slowed down a bit since the college move) and I want to some day be published. I dont have much posted on a blog, but Im thinking of doing that soon and when I do I'll put it here. If people want to read it that is. But I can give you a piece of poetry I wrote a few years ago that I still love because it expressed so much about who I was then.

~Smile, Laugh
Never let them see
The pain you hide
Behind the mask
Of the grinning face
You put on in the morning
~Sob, Weep
Lock the door behind you
Your sisters won’t see
That your mask broke
When they smiled
And the memories make you sleep
~Soar, Fly
Let your consciousness
Drift in a sea of wonders
Where you can just be
Who you are
Instead of what they want to see
~Grin, Giggle
With those who you trick
With the sugar-spun words
And candy-coated smiles
You better be quick
Before they find out you make yourself sick
~Gasp, Cry
Into the feather stuffed pillow
As the pain brings tears to your eyes
Curl into a ball to escape
From the world where your mood depends
On the color of the sky
~Grab, Reach
For the colors of the place
Where everything is yours
Your creation, your paradise
Everything here is malleable
The perfect escape from reality


I love to write. I started my first novel when I was 12. I hand wrote it and unfortunately I never transfered it over to a computer so I lost it. I've been making up stories since before I could remember. When I was a child I made up these elaborate stories that my mother was shocked to hear. I spent a lot of time by myself so I needed something to occupy my mind. When I write it's like i'm in a different world and nothing else matters. I love the way it feels for my fingers to fly over the keys, barely keeping up with my stream of thought. I enjoy hand writing as well but I find it easier to keep from losing my stories when I type. I've written everything from poems, to short stories, to plays. Writing fills that void in my soul. When I write and I create that perfect line or the perfect sentence it's so utterly gratifying. I've completed three novels that I hope to publish sometime in the not to distant future and I have a few novels that I have started but have not yet completed. I have lost my desire to write. I'm hoping by meeting new people and taking my life and different directions I will find my inspiration again.


I know exactly what you mean April. I have so much handwritten that I just cant seem to get on the computer. XD But I am rarely able to finish my stories. I usually run out of steam before I reach the end. But I go back to my favorites when I get a whole new stream of inspiration at times, so Im hoping to finish at least my two favorites to maybe get published someday.


Thank you. I wrote it during hard times and spoke it at one of the open mics Ive been to. I was crying by the end, but my friends said I did good and they had seen some people with teary eyes too. Even though I was so emotional, I still feel its an inspirational poem for me to keep writing.


Finishing my stories has never been a problem until now. At first I would let the characters lead me but half way through the ending would come to me. After that it all just kind of fell together. A great way to make sure you reach it to the end is map out your story. It's as simple as jotting down what you want to happen and even though you may not use all of it or possibly you'll use more, it helps you to reach the end. The end is so utterly gratifying. I really hope you reach that point one day I believe you'll enjoy it!


Well I make the endings easily enough, but in the process of connecting the beginning/the middle to the end is hard. XD Usually I have the start, the end, and a whole bunch of ideas written down for the middle, and in my favorites Im writing through the middle. I do a map too! Im happy someone else does that. Ive never really talked with other writers before this cause most of my friends are more into art and dont write so much.


I know what you mean. Honestly this may sound weird but I ask my characters what they want to do next and somehow they guide me through it. All professional writers map, they may not always do it on paper but they definitely do it. I'm into art as well, though I'm not as good at it but I love practicing and studying it.


It sounds very interesting. I'm not sure I would like control of my characters I prefer for them to be wild and free. I'm trying to borrow the book from my library.


Heh, yes that is the point. Just so you can hear them better

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