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My new girls only footsie website...

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Hello peeps, A few of you may remember me from the old version of gays.com, I'm Hanna and live in the UK, I've been missing from the site for a while as I met a girl but sadly we're no longer together. So I decided to have a bit of fun for a while, meeting new peeps again & doing a bit of travelling. Having got that out of my system & one of the things I've been meaning to do for a number of years is finally getting round to building my own little corner of the web dedicated to shoes footsie between girls. It's been a lifelong 'thing' for me and something I have been doing as far back as I can remember. The site is www.girlsplayingfootsieinshoes.co.uk and is a strictly non-pornographic site, I'm only showing pics of shoes contact between girls and trying to make it look and feel fun & friendly. So the point of my post is for a little promotion, to ask for you all to take a look and then to let me know what you think, I made some great friends on here and would love to hear your thoughts about the site. I'm also very happy to take contributions, so if you and your girlfriend fancy doing shoes or boots footsie pics then drop me a line & after I have checked they are nothing naughty I'll add them to the site. Looking forward to hearing your feedback, good or bad - it all helps. Hanna :-) x

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