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Be sure to read part 1 to understand what this is about.
12) All kinds of beautiful kites on the beach--falcons, airplanes, parrots, etc.
14) I am getting a lot of sleep, a great tan and doing a lot of walking
15 Still haven’t quite figured out the money--so I am saving a lot--I eat in the hotel restaurant and sign the tab--don’t know what a meal costs but U tip 10 cruzeiros ($1.60?) and so far all waiters have aid thank you--will charge hotel bill to Diners or American Express when I leave. I hope pesos are easier to figure out.
An aside--is The Diners Club still in business and have a credit card? Important lesson when traveling--learn the rate of exchange between countries, though as you will read I was lead astray.
16) Haven’t bought any souvenirs yet as I will be coming back to Rio and will do it then. Did go into a record store hoping to buy some Brazilian singers and musicians records but just got an Olga Guillot recording and she is Cuban, but I do love her singing.
17) So far the man and car who met me at the airport didn’t come to take me sightseeing--not taking any chances tomorrow when I leave for Buenos Aires--won’t wait for driver, taking a taxi (hope I don’t’ tip him $50!) I fly Cruziero airlines tomorrow--hope it isn’t as confusing as the money!
18) If I could get the ‘parent’ off my back and let the ‘free kid’ out a bit more I wouldn’t just be having good time but a great time--when I get back to Memphis I will have to work wit Joe on that.
An explanation--I was going through therapy--Transactional Analysis at that time--you may have heard of it as “I’m Okay, You’re Okay” and it really helped me with the rest of my life.
19) I come back to Rio on the 27th--will then go sightseeing (Sugar Loaf, Corcovado, Tipica Forest, etc.) and get some souvenirs. Rio is expensive as far as I can figure out and so far doesn’t look like any ‘bargains’ in jewelry and I haven’t seen any that thrills me. (At that time I was very big into collecting rings, chains, etc.)
20) I am looking forward to Buenos Aires as I think I’ll really like that city even though temperatures are suppose to be in the 40s.
21) To sum up--Rio is okay but nothing like I imagined.
22) “I miss you--haven’t heard “Look of Love” once yet bit I whistle it ( It was ‘our song’ as song by Sergio Mendez, the world famous musician.)
Next on the Itinerary was: Departs Rio 5:30 PM arrives 8:05 PM--will stay at the Plaza Hotel--Chauffer driven car will pick you up at the airport and on the 20th for a day of sightseeing.
But before we get to Buenos Aires let me tell a few things--PG rated--about Rio that I skipped in the numbers up above or just didn’t number.

Next about the sex :O)

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