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Travel To South America Part 3 Rio

I am pretty much a prude when it comes to talking about sex in front of ‘mixed’ company so I will make this as PG as I can hoping you can use your imagination or you can ask me a direct question.
Why am I talking about sex? In the 1970s all my travels revolved around sexual encounters--hey I had just lost 100+ pounds and was gorgeous!! LOL--and I kept a record of when, where, how and a few other details. And Rio was filled with sex. So here goes and I will start with the missing numbers from the last 2 parts.
3), 4) &14) One of the first things I noticed was that most men wore tight pants without pockets and carried a small leather pouch around their wrist which carried their money, keys and ID. At first I thought they were all playing ‘pocket pool’ until it was explained to me that they, as a rule, were ‘big’ and had to constantly adjust their ‘package’. I also became aware that women didn’t pay attention and if other men did it was just one of the signs they were available. Among gay people in Rio the city was known as ‘Size Queen Heaven’!
I met Roberto on the beach and though he didn’t speak a word of English I got the message across for him to follow me to my hotel. He rapidly shook his head no and holding a key in his hand he gestured for me to follow him and he kept saying “Americano”---long story short he had a roommate from the USA named Frank who invited me to go out that night with him, Roberto, his friend from Brazil Almundo and Danny, a male nurse.
After I went back to the hotel and changed I met them in front of the hotel. By the way if I had any brains when I first started to follow Roberto I would have turned back 3 blocks from the beach. The slums were as bad, if not worse, than you have ever heard/read about. The favelas, as they are referred to, are a sharp contrast to Atlantica Avenue where the Copacabana hotel was and there wasn’t that much distance between them though most tourists didn’t see those areas. I will say Larry and Roberto’s apartment was as far from a slum as an apartment could be in that area.
After a good dinner--Larry ordered me some native dishes--the 5 of us went to a local gay dancing bar not far from my hotel.
Remember this is 1973. From the moment I walked into the bar, except for the language being spoken, I could have sworn I was in a New York or Memphis bar! There was Diana Ross singing “Touch Me In The Morning” and only USA songs on the jukebox, there were dancing queens, drag queens, female impersonators ‘doing’ Dolly Parton and Mae West.
I will come back to Rio and talk about that second time around later but just want to leave with a quote from Larry--if you don’t understand the terms talk to your gay friend!
“All Brazilian men were mostly Greek Passive--they aren’t good at French active but I am trying to change that!”
Okay enough about sex for now--will come back to it later! LOL

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