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As Amy Dunne in “Gone Girl” Rosamund Pike joins the ranks of Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct” and Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction” and to say more would give away the last hour and twenty-five minutes of the film.

The film is mostly a ‘He said-She said’ narrative of a possible kidnapping and/or murder, starting with Amy and Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) returning home, after both losing their jobs in New York City, to North Carthage, not far from St. Louis, to take care of his mother dying of cancer and his father drifting into Alzheimer’s. Amy’s parents, psychologists, (David Clennon and Lisa Banes), have become wealthy writing books about a child, Amazing Amy, who was always just a bit better than their real daughter. We see brief scenes of Amy and Nick meeting and falling in love.

Within a few minutes we see Nick coming home to an empty home leased by the couple with money from her trust fund from the books, their cat outside, a table upended, the glass top smashed and Amy missing. It isn’t long before evidence points toward Nick as the murderer of his golden wife Amy, his being pursued by detectives Rhonda Boney (Kim Dickens) and Jim Gilpin (Patrick Fuhgit), his twin sister Margo, (Carrie Coon) supporting him 100% while a sensation seeking TV cable reporter/host, played by Missy Pyle, slowly turns the public against Nick. Eventually Margo makes Nick hire news making lawyer, Tanner Bolt, (Tyler Perry). Along the way we meet Desi Collings (Neil Patrick Harris), Amy’s boyfriend, so he thinks, in high school, Carrie Wilson as Noelle Hawthorne, a neighbor of Nick and Amy’s, Emily Ratajkowski as Andie Hardy, a student in the one college class Nick teaches, plus Boyd Holbrook and Lola Kirke, as Jeff and Greta, plus a cameo by Sela Ward as another cable TV host.

With the exception of Neil Patrick Harris in a wasted, undefined role, and the roles of Boyd Holbrook and Lola Kirke, though acted strongly, could have been cut without taking anything away from the story except making it shorter, the acting by the cast is of the first order with Ben Affleck at his best while Rosamund Pike is definitely going to be up for most of the acting awards.

The screenplay by Gillian Flynn, based on her best selling novel, and the direction by David Fincher, serve the film well to hold the audiences attention as all the production values do.. They have made it one of those movies that will make people who haven’t read the book to do just that to see what, if anything, they have missed.


LOL I was reading your take on "Gone Girl" its a mess not saying that your writing is a mess but by you describing the (Plot) movie. Interesting have to see that one.


It's hard when you don't want to give away any spoilers!!! I HATE reading spoilers of any kind--prefer to discover them while watching the movie==here was a case I could only 'review' the first hour of a 2 and a half hour movie! LOL

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