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Nostalgia was served on a silver platter at the Adrienne Arsht Center For The Performing Arts in Miami when the touring company of “I Love Lucy Live On Stage” made their debut.
The show consists of two episodes from the 1950s as taped for broadcast showing including the original commercials, songs from the era, with the crew and cameramen doing their job in full sight of the audience.

For a show that can still be seen on a television set somewhere in the world every day since it made its debut 63 years ago on October 15, 1951, the first question regarding this live show is going to be about the actors playing the roles of icons loved by all.
Lori Hammel as Vivian Vance/Ethel Mertz doesn’t resemble the original actress at all but puts across being the foil for Lucy and her madcap antics. Kevin Remington as William Frawley/ Fred Mertz fades into the scenery. The Cuban born, Miami raised Euriamis Losada, plays Desi Arnaz/Ricky Ricardo with all the charm and the subtle eyes for the ladies that the original had. He belts out “Babalu”, does a mean job on the bongos and is the perfect straight man for Lucy, doing the rapid Spanish and destruction of the English language, as she drives him crazy.

Thea Brooks as Lucille Ball/Lucy Ricardo has the red hair, the flair for physical comedy, does all the whines, cries and off tune singing that the Hollywood actress brought to the small screen but there was only one Lucille Ball and Brooks doing her best does a good job yet lacks that ‘it’ the madcap actress had to bring the audience to tears with laughter.
The ensemble, whether doing the Alka Seltzer commercial or singing “Wheel of Fortune”, are a talented group but the real standout, stealing every scene she is in, from the opening playing a member of the audience exchanging quips with Mark Christopher Tracy as Maury Jasper the host and warm up man, to being a charwoman is Denise Moses.

Whether a child or adult, everybody loves Lucy.
The show runs 95 minutes without an intermission


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