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Back in June I was scared beyond belief that I contracted HIV from a friend while having unprotected sex... He said he was clean but I didn't take his work for it. He usually only has sex with girls, most are virgins (he's straight, or so he says) At least maybe 2 weeks later, I had a case of the 'Craps', and nausea. Just looking at food made me feel sick, but it ended about the next day. About 4 weeks later of agonizing uncertainty, on July 14th I went to the clinic to be tested. My rapid test showed Negative, and last my final bloodwork the day after the next also read Negative. And I was good for a while, peaceful. But, suddenly the anxiety just came back. I'm writing this after 4 MONTHS of fear and doubt... No matter what I do or how hard I try, the fear that I have this awful disease just DOESN'T go away! I'm losing weight, every man I see my mind sees as a potential threat... It's like some sort of demon has latched onto me and just will not let me go! There are days I want to cry. There's days I wish I could just put an end to myself the fear gets so intense. I blame myself for putting me into the mess that I am in. I've noticed I feel sick when I eat.. I've lost weight, my body feels stabs in places like my sides and neck... All of my friends are tired of hearing me worry, I've no one to turn to and I've no other options to give me peace of mind again. I opted to go to the Clinic again. For a 'Double Check' so to speak. I beg you, if Anyone is listening... Can someone please help give me peace of mind?


hey bro .dunno if you already get rid of this kinda feeling but let me tell you that the whole so called uncomfortable symptoms were just because you are too stressed ,and accounting to a professional investigation HIV can be detected within 6 weeks or even shorter tim! be cool ! U R fine