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“Pride” is the very close to perfect movie that it seems only the English know how to make. It pulls at your heart strings, makes you smile and laugh, then ends making you want to cheer!
The movie is based on a true story about a group of Lesbians and Gays from London who go to Llandello, Wales, after collecting money to help the striking miners, showing solidarity between two groups who are marginalized, oppressed and shunned, especially by the government.
The film opens with the Gay Pride March in 1984 and ends with the Gay Pride March in 1985. In between we see the interaction between the Gays and miners, some of the latter accepting the former while some are against them. There is really only one villain as through various actions, conversations and incidents most come to accept each other.
Most of the characters are clichés from the boy on the verge of coming out to the man in the village who has lived his life in the closet but the actors make you forget what you know is going to happen. Each actor gets a ‘star’ turn and though some have bigger roles, such as Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Ben Schnetzer, Paddy Consindine, Andrew Scott, Dominic West and George MacKay than others all earn a well deserved acknowledgement so be sure to stay for the credits.
It is almost a perfect movie but the director, Matthew Warchus, and the screenwriter, Stephen Beresford, try to cover too many characters and don’t have, or take the time, to see them through while original music by Christopher Nightingale at times overcomes the scenes.
All in all this is definitely a movie to see and, on a personal note, I want to take the next flight to Llandello, Carmartheshire and Danwen in Wales, plus drive across that magnificent bridge. I did research but couldn’t find out the name of the bridge so if anyone knows please let me know!


I've been meaning to see this... must go!

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