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Anyone, in their 79th year, who wakes up on the first day of a new year, gets out of bed and goes on with their day has to put the previous year in the positive box and so 2014 goes there for me.

Health wise I had a few setbacks such as having more stents put in my leg, being diagnosed with diabetes2, going to the hospital for bleeding in my stomach, cracking the big toe on my left foot that still hasn’t healed but nothing that held me back from going about my daily life.

In 2014:

I won Play4 twice

I saw 12 Broadway touring shows starting with “The Wizard of Oz” and ending with “The Beauty and the Beast”.

I saw a new show series with Seth Rudetsky which started off with Megan Mullally.

I went to the movies 56 times.

I ate out at old and new restaurants at least 126 times.

Wrote 104 blogs and 182 reviews.

I got a new scooter that goes at the speed of 4 MPH but is there if I need it for an emergency such as a carrot cake attack!

Made a dozen new cyber friends and lost Norman a good friend here at Gateway.

Got rid of--in other words lost--12 and ¼ pounds.

Bought a new crockpot and electric teapot and decluttered by throwing out a lot of old things from shirts to pots and pans.

And now I am looking forward to all the new things I will be doing in 2015 plus getting ready for THE EVENT of 2016--my 20th Leap Year birthday party on Monday, February 29, 2016--are YOU coming?


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