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people who argue MY lesbianism - Love and Romance

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LOL omg i know what u guys are talking about i was talking to my mother a couple days ago and she said and i quote "two periods should not be together" and laugh i was like wtf o.O then she said" becuz they always fight all the time it doesnt work out at least the relationships i seen (my aunt is bi thats the one shes talking about and some of her suppose "gay friends") i'm like what? i didnt get it i was like men and women fight all the time and most of the time the men beats on the women so i'm like ur gonna dismiss that becuz they argue a lot? i still think shes hung up about gay people anyway. like when my aunt said we are going to the club my mom was like ok i'll go but she got all pissed when it was a gay club she said"she has to prepare herself for it u cant just do that and lie to me" but she claims shes soooo open minded i'm like if ur soooo open minded u dont need to prepare urself for anything u should already be that way =/