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I have been a big movie fan for over 70 years--going back to the days when you went to the movies and saw a double feature plus a cartoon, plus a newsreel plus coming attractions (maybe, just maybe, if movie houses went back to this they would get more customers)--and never tire of them. I do not buy--I don't rent-- a DVD of a movie until I see it on a movie screen like a movie should be seen first. Even now I go to movie houses a minimum of once a week, generally twice a week.

No way could I pick a favorite movie--would even have a hard time picking 'my favorite 100 movies'!

I tend to see dramas, love stories, 'weepies' (as they were called) over comedies and do not go for most sci-fi, violent and comedy movies. And, yes, I preferred movies of yesteryear where they hinted at sex (fireworks, curtains blowing, horses rearing up, etc.,) then the gratuitous sex they have on the screens today.

I feel most movies today are at least 15-20 minutes too long with the director wanting to show off what he can do instead of concentrating on the story and moving it forward.

And, yes, I am from the old school, when movies were told in 3 acts with a beginning, middle and end in a linear fashion and not so ambiguous as so many are today. I don't mind thinking in a movie but movies were originally attended to escape from the real world, if only for 90 minutes or so. And I LOVE a 'happily ever after' ending.

I love the 'magic' of movies which is why I avoid many of the DVD extras--I don't want to know how something is done--I don't want to know the actor brushed the 'blood' (or what the blood really was!) off after he was shot dead and then got up after the scene was over and went to his trailer. I want to believe the actor is THE person I am watching. Naive? Sure!

Which movies have I seen unaccountable times? What stars draw me to the movie houses? The list is endless!

How many don’t you know? How many have you never seen?


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