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1. My June avatar 2. With cast in wheelchair 3-6. Movies seen
7-14. Some restaurants I went to 15 & 16. Home cooked meals the first country fried steak and the second Tilapia 17-19. Signs of the Times 20. Eye doctor’s fish tank 21. My plants--some from those Dollar Tree seeds I bought 22. Allen at the Mellow Mushroom 23. A bird’s eye view of my living room before I changed things around 24. Here’s to July.
June 2015 will be remembered for my not paying attention when I was walking, falling and breaking my knee cap into 3 pieces. Oh, yes, and 2 major decisions by the United States Supreme Court!
It will also be remembered for the Supreme Court ruling Gays marriage equality the week of the anniversary death of Judy Garland on June 22, 1969, and the gay rights revolution at the Stonewall Inn on the 29th!
Now I am just waiting for Monday July 6 when I hope my orthopedic doctor will say no more cast or wheelchair--I hope!

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