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"What do you do for work" question

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I have a question for you all. I know every time I meet someone new or go on a date they always ask me the question "What do you do for work". But the thing is I can't work do to a physical problem and I get money from the government. What would be a good response to there question without the person getting turned off because I don't work? Because most Americans no matter who it is wants a guy or girl who works but again I can't work. That is one reason why I am single still sadly. Any suggestions?


Be honest with them - say you're unable to work because of (insert physical problem here) as lying about it will only come back to bite you. If someone doesn't want to date you because you're unable to work through no fault of your own, then they're not worth it.


Agree with John, above. It's always best to up-front and honest about things. If the question makes you feel uncomfortable.. try being creative with your response and inject some humour.


Thanks guys for the advice guys and sorry I didn't get back sooner I can't log on much. :/