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I always have the good excuse of “I’m old. I forget dates!” and no one can argue with me. I honestly don’t remember when Chuck and Terry (Were they together when I was 16? Hey, I’m old!!) or was it just Chuck, on the advise of Gino (Now why do I remember that?) that he (they?) gave me a George Foreman Grill for my birthday? (No that wasn’t the reason I started giving out “What I would like for my birthday gift” list!)
In any case I did take it out of the box, look at it, read the manual and recipes and then put the box on the top shelf and the grill on the opposite middle shop where is stayed for 15 or less years--well not really as I moved into this apartment in 2004 so I could have done that any time between 2004 and yesterday.
My oven and stove top are no longer available to me as I decided to put a shelf on top of the stove to put my crockpot, blender, electric teapot, electric can opener and I covered the turn on switches so I wouldn’t turn the oven on by mistake--hey, remember I am old. (I love saying that!)
On Thursday I had bought and shared 8 Angus beef burgers with Allen. After I micro waved the first for 4 minutes and wound up with a charred piece of coal. I was thinking of trying the crockpot but that was too big s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o I looked and there was the George Foreman Grill that Chuck (and /or Chuck & Terry) gave me.
Surprisingly it made a good burger but had to put the cheese on separately. Also it was a bit of a clean up job. Next week I’ll try some chicken as it cooks pretty fast, doesn’t dry out the food and does drain off the fat/grease.
Hey Chuck, before you get old, when did you give me the grill? And were you and Terry together then? Sorry Terry someday you will be old too--it starts at 71!

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