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“Spotlight” is a MUST SEE for many reasons first being that if you think you know everything, or just a lot, about the cover-up regarding the Catholic church and the pedophilia priests this film will show you that you don’t. This is the best, if not better, newsroom movie since “All The President’s Men” and shows investigative reporting as it is done and what it accomplishes. The cast is an evenly matched crew of actors in their prime and though all should get an Oscar for best ensemble, there is a scene with Mark Ruffalo that will make you hold your breath not wanting to miss a word.
Ruffalo is one member of a team consisting of editor Michael Keaton who is the leader and Rachel McAdams along with Brian d’Arcy James who answer to managing editor John Slattery and they all have a new Jewish, single, editor-in-chief previously of New York and Miami Live Schreiber.
This is not a pounding on the desk, “STOP THE PRESSES” but an even moving film of reporters doing research, asking inquisitive, invasive questions. There are quiet but very effective scenes like that between Schreiber and Len Cariou as Cardinal Law or the reporters interviewing survivors such as Neil Huff , or Richard O’Rourke, a priest who molested children but saw nothing wrong with it and in both cases no histrionics. Whether it is lawyers like Jamey Sheridan and Stanley Tucci or members of the church like Paul Guulfoyle or supporting players such as Billy Crudup and Michael Cyril Creighton among others all deliver the goods.
Screenwriters Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy, the latter also directed, make a mystery and create suspense tale of a fairly well known Pulitzer Prize winning story that will get you deeply involved.

“Spotlight” is definitely one of the best movies of the year!



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