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Okay folks I am starting off with a confession that even with my big mouth I have finally met the cheeseburger that I couldn’t bite into and chomp off a big hunk! I had to cut it in half and nibble at to finally get a good bite. I love my cheeseburgers and this is a good one but put some cheddar cheese, a thick slick of onion, a slice of tomato on a 8 ounce medium rare Angus burger between a thick sliced sesame bun and you can’t really enjoy it. No way will I have it cooked medium well or well done and there is no choice of a 4 ounce burger so, sadly, I probably won’t go back to Gilbert’s 17th Street grill unless I go for one of their many other items such as soups, salads, wings, wraps, fish or chicken in various dishes.
Gilbert’s, while not a full dining sit down restaurant, as you place your order at the counter when you enter, pay, fill your own soda glass, get a number and then sit down to have your food served, they do take a few steps beyond casual dining by giving real glasses, have the servers (?), bus people (?), floor staff (?)--I wonder what they do call them--bring you a setting of real silverware, refill your sodas, ask what kind of condiments you would like and bring them to you though the ketchup, mustard, etc., are in disposable cups, not bottles.
The cheeseburger ($11.95) was juicy, hot and cooked just the way I liked it and out of choices of hand cut French fries, Sweet Potato fries or homemade Coleslaw I took the first and they were served crisp with seasoning that were very tasty. The soda ($2.50) was fountain cola with refills available. Allen, the French fries gourmet, gave them a thumb’s up and I agree!
Though tipping wasn’t asked for or required I was dismayed to see that many customers didn’t leave anything though they got most of the service, except taking the order, that a server in a full dining room would. By the way they also clean the tables when you leave so unlike a fast food restaurant you don’t have to take your garbage and throw it out.
Come on folks at least leave a 10% tip if you are too cheap to leave a 15-20% tip! With the tax and tip the check came to $16.82 I refuse to admit defeat and am going into full training mode so I can go back to Gilbert’s and take a full bite of that cheeseburger and get the full taste--it deserves nothing less!



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