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Changes in my life

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None of this has anything to do with New Year’s resolutions as it is basically decisions I have to make in my life for several reasons.
As many of you know there was no Social Security raise for seniors in 2016 in the USA because the cost of living index doesn’t indicate one is needed. The fact that medicines, health expenses—as just one example--have gone up they aren’t taken into consideration. (Just wonder if the Congress will be getting a COLA raise this year?)
As my phone, Internet and cable prices have gone up I have had to choose between the Internet and my getting the local newspaper delivered. I checked out all the Internet prices available but none were lower than the price I would be paying in 2016. I checked out phone prices but my landline is still the cheapest. Next was cable versus streaming and since we get a great rate here--$36 for 66 stations including Showtime and HBO—I know it was the best deal.
When something goes up $20 it means I have to cut some other things that I get. I don’t recall ever NOT subscribing to a daily newspaper, if for no other reason than to have coffee and work the Jumble and crossword plus reading the comics every morning as part of my life’s routine. With the Internet and television by the time I get the newspaper most of their news is ‘old’, though it goes into more depth, I decided to stop the newspaper. I decided to call and end the subscription January 1 but that didn’t happen! Whether I listened to all the choices on their automated system or went to their web site there was no way to end the subscription before Monday January 4 which means I will be paying for those days.
In conversation with my downstairs neighbor they mentioned they got the newspaper delivered Friday, Saturday and Sunday and they would gladly give it to me when they finished with them. Lucky for me they are ‘morning people’ so by the time I get up the paper is at my door! The bottom line is I have now survived three days without the paper!!
Another change I have made is regarding buying lottery tickets which I have been doing faithfully for all the years they have been in business. (No, I don’t want to know how much money I have spent on them—I am helping education!!!) Of course with the Powerball now at over $400 mil I still have one chance at winning tonight. Now on Thursdays I will only buy Fantasy5 and Play4. All I have to do is NOT look at the winning Powerball, Lotto, Lucky Money winning numbers because I know mine will come out!
I have been saving money for the past 3 years for my Leap Year birthday celebration but I don’t think it will cover all my expenses which means I may be in the hole after it is all over which, in turn, means more cuts and changing my priorities. People have ‘suggested’ I don’t have the dinner party I planned but it is something I look forward to every Leap Year and this could be my last but even if it isn’t it will be my last ‘gala’ celebration. It is important enough for me because it is my way of saying “Thank you” to the many people who have been nice, good, giving to me the past 4 years.
I will see what changes I may have to make starting March 1—well March 2 as on March 1 I will end the celebration of finally reaching the age of 20 by eating out and going to see “Kinky Boots”---what I may have to eliminate from my budget.
Okay now I have to go read the comics on line!

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