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(I am doing a series about a decade of blogging at a certain site which I don't mention here--I just thought you might find this part interesting--if you want to know the name of the site just message me.)

As a Jewish, out Gay teenage boy in the Bronx I quickly learned about bad and/or ugly people and I certainly learned about stupid ‘smart’ people. There is a fine line between a person being bad and being ugly but many times they combine the two. XXXXXXXX is the only blog site that I have come across where many people cross the line and are ugly bad people. With all the blog sites I have been on and am on now it is only XXXXXXXX that I see such trash talking, such ignorance and such talking out of both sides of the mouth.
Here I have been called a pedophile because stupid people don’t know the definition of what a pedophile is plus because in their head being gay equals being a child molester! People who should know better don’t know that there is more than one meaning to the word homophobia than the ‘fear of gay people’. What does it say about XXXXXXXX that in a decade maybe a dozen out gay people, many funny, educated, excellent bloggers, have left. To my knowledge there are 4 now and I believe the newest has stopped posting.
One of the dumbest things written here again and again is a variation of the theme “Why do you have to throw ‘it’ in our face?” and the other is talking about a ‘gay lifestyle’. Regarding the latter when I ask, “What does a gay lifestyle mean?” I don’t get an answer because except in one area of life there is very little difference between a gay and non-gay lifestyle but they aren’t brave enough to talk about that. Oh, another very stupid thing is that they think all gay men only like anal sex when many don’t have it!! But the dumbest thing is that ‘face’ nonsense. In my case I have had the heterosexual life style thrown in my face for as long as I can remember and a lot of it is in blogging. When you talk about your spouse, your kids, your grandchildren, your engagement, your wedding, your divorce, etc., you are throwing your lifestyle in my face!! Whether at work or in the service when you put up a picture of your wife or kids or grandkids you are throwing your lifestyle in my face and I have put up with it for over 70 years and, guess what?, it hasn’t changed a thing about me! For over 70 years I have seen heterosexual people making love, having sex in movies, on TV, in magazines, in ads so forgive me if I talk about my partners or my life and who I spend it with. And now that things have changed get ready for us to throw our wedding pictures, our children and grandchildren’s pictures and, yes, sadly, our divorces in your face. Yes get ready to hear the problems 2 men or 2 women have in raising children or getting equal, not special, rights for ourselves and our children just as we have been forced to listen to your problems over decades.
Either ignore it or get over it!

And now let’s get to the bad and ugly and people things that have happened here at XXXXXXXXr before I get to why I have been here a decade!

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