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In February I had a great 20th Leap Year birthday party and then in March, due to an accident, I chopped off the tip of a finger and in April was diagnosed with bursitus and badly hit my shin while in May I got an eye infection but...
It seems to have all started in December when I got a new computer and then Chuck and Terry got me a new computer chair plus a food shopping cart. For my birthday most everybody gave what I asked for which were needed/wanted.
I decided in March to start a new project and that was to make A collage of all the pictures and cards I got for my birthday which is something I never attempted. Previously, in 2012 and 2000, friends had surprised me with making collages but this time I decided I would do it. (As you can tell in the lower middle picture that one collage has turned into 3—so far!!)
As I posted last week I decided to join the 21st century by getting a cell phone, primarily to get the uber app that I could use to get around town when I needed to. So now I have a Samsung cell phone and will soon be giving up my landline so I can retain that number which I have had for close to 40 years.
This week I went down to the mailboxes and on the bulletin board was a note by a neighbor who wanted to sell a recliner they had. Now I had been speaking about getting a new recliner the past few months—and it was on my birthday list!-- as I never did like mine so I decided to check it out. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it. It was just one of those old, large leather recliners that can also serve as a rocking chair. One of the many good things about living where I do, surrounded by old people, whatever you need/want will soon be available and that’s what happened here! He was asking $25 for it and said he would take $15 and I could pay $10 whoever brought it upstairs to my place—he lives on the first floor around the corner of my building. I sat in it, I reclined in it, I rocked in it, looked it all over and didn’t see a tear or anything wrong with it. As you can see in the top two pictures it found a good home!!
A couple of months ago I had a leak in my refrigerator, reported it to the office and was told that it wasn’t anything major but then last week the leak became ‘major’ and so I got a new fridge this week after 12 years with the old one, which wasn’t new when I moved into this apartment.
Sticking with the new theme being single I don’t usually cook fancy or anything complicated to eat at home. I can go from frozen dinners to getting a pizza delivered but every once in awhile I miss making something special and the other night I did just that as you can see in the lower left picture. Can you tell what it is? Care to guess?
In the lower right bottom picture is a new boat that just docked here. No it isn’t mine but it is new and fits in with the theme of this post. Besides who knows, with my good luck maybe I’ll be invited aboard!!
Last, but certainly not least, “we” got a new car! Well actually Allen got it and is paying for it but when he goes up to his daughter’s to celebrate his and his twin grandchildren’s birthday I will have it from June 15 to July3!! Talking about new—she and her husband bought a new home recently! I did talk him into the red color (though I wanted fire engine red and this is obsessive red—but it is red!) though since Cadillac doesn’t make a convertible I guess I’ll have to settle with this one which certainly looks roomier than the old one!
No matter what goes wrong in life—and I have had a few major ‘wrongs’ this past year—after living all these years I know good will come along when you least expect it. Just hang in there!


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