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First it was NOT seeing the curb and falling on my right knee breaking it in 3 parts. A few months after I was in Allen's car and, no ones fault, I got my finger caught in the rising window and had to have the third top surgicallytaken off. And now...

I have had Allen's car for the past 15 days as he went to celebrate his and his twin grandkids' birthday. I go to his place every Wednesday and Saturday to bring in his mail plus check that everything was okay. Today was the last Saturday as he will be home tomorrow--taking his car back!


But that's not what this is about. It was really raining heavily and when I got to his place I slipped on a little concrete slope leading up to the path to his place. Trust me folks but rain, concrete walks and flip-flops are NOT a good combination!
My immediate reaction was "You idiot" and then I hpoped I didn't break the knee. I cleaned it off, went to Target, got 5 all-in-one adhesive gauze pad and nonstick bandages went home and fixed it as best as I could wrapping it all in an elastic bandage. I am sitting here with an ice pack on it and hoping I didn't break anything under the skin!
I had a great 15 days going where and when I wanted to even, though, as usual, my having a car is expensive and I am not talking about filling it up with gas! Now it is back to being a 'poor old man living as a prisoner in a community of old, old people'! (Don't believe it--I am surrounded by water, yachts, multi-million dollar homes!)
Folks I have to learn to slow down and watch where I am going and what I am doing-- starting tomorrow!


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