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Writing & love - Looking for LOVE!!!

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I fell in love quite unexpectedly some time ago. Thought I might be able to let him carry me away, but something failed. I am not certain what it was or perhaps I don't want to admit what it was, but it altered me, and I have not been the same since then. I came to the conclusion thereafter that the only constant in my life is my writing. Everything else comes and goes like spring blossoms, but my writing is always with me, never leaves me, never breaks my heart, and never lies to me.


So did i and he passed away from cancer now looking again. Heart broken want someone to heal it


Yet, if you do not live life, what will you write about?


Trust me, there is plenty to write about, and I have lived a lot of life thus far. I have had adventures that Hemmingway and Herman Melville could only dream about.


i deem that jack has made a great deal sense to me saying writing could be the final and ultimate companion. everything could go back on us, meaning people change, the same people changes himself due to the everlasting transformation of the universe.

the literature world can freeze things in a splendid place where nothing could be ruined nor the certain rules could be trenscended. we can definitely indulge ourselves in it to gain vehement gratification than earthly folks can through carnal performance and trivial romance that carrying huge amounts of liabilities.

hello guys, this is jerry who has made his initial fucking statement in the past glorious magnificent 4 years in spite of his goddamned silence long enough to rival that of the walking dead. i am an english teacher in china for other learners.

i guess jack picked me up making that colosally encouraging lines of which i am really appreciative. no longer shall i corner myself and hold it in all the time, under no circumstances shall i remain a chickshit. i have got my new life to begin with being proud of being a homo.

thanks guys all. you are all sexy and marvellous. have a great day!


Wow. Just wow.