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straight friends - Love and Romance

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hello my fellow gays , i just wanted to get some feedback on a issue me and my girl are having , well more like my issue.
so my gf has a straight best friend and i have no problem with that because i also have straight friends , but my issue is that we could be at dinner or a basketball game and her friend will just lean over to her and say hes cute or what do you think about him and my gf response to her . now my gf hasnt had a bf since the 5th grade and as far as i know she identifies herself as a lesbian . am i wrong to feel like her friend isnt respecting our relationship ? or could it just be friendly talk between two friends? i guess i get a little touchy with this subject because when i met my gf she wasnt really sure what she was , just that she loved me , now almost 4 years later im scared that she could still be unsure , and when ever we try to have that talk it turns into yelling and someone mad.
so i dont know what direction to go in and im so sick of having this argument everytime her friend comes around . ill take help !!!! thanks !!!


I know what u mean she is being dissrespectful it has happend to me with straight friends too they just dont get that we r not attracted to men


It seems as if both her and her friend are disrespecting you and I would put a stop to it. I am a little concerned that after four years you think that she might be still unsure. It sounds like you two need to have a heart to heart conversation about where you see the relationship going. Better to get it all out in the open :-) Just my opinion...take it or leave it.


I think that this is just a normal conversation between friends. I'm 100% lesbian but my friend is straight when we are out together she will sometimes point out guys that she likes and ask me what I think about him, most of the time I'm just like whatever he's ok I guess and she knows it's because I don't like guys but she still asks and I don't feel she's disrespecting me at all she just wants to know my opinion as her friend. Just try and relax and let this one go I think it's pretty normal.


yeah im some where in between i just dont want to keep fighting about it , she tells me its nothing to even worry about thats shes just talking ..... and the unsure part comes her not really ever saying shes a lesbian . but i will talk to her voice my opinion and try to relax .. hopefully find some compromise ! thanks guys