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need advise - Love and Romance

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Need advise I've moved to Texas in hope of a better future. Whither I special girl I met on gays.com and hopes of landing a career. The job isn't what I hoped and the girl left since April my girl left me my Grandma in Texas was near death, I was held at gun loony, my van was totaled, I almost lost my job and my new car broke down and now my apartment. Was broken into now am I a coward to throw in the cards and go home?


I can totally relate to what your going thru, I'm doing the same thing, I moved to sacramento to help my family, its been the worst experience! I gave everything up! But you know what? I'm not backing down! Yeah I could give up and go back to what's familiar, but life means growing from each experience that life offers you. What you have to decide is.... Can I grow from this experience? Hang in there.


Wow, awesome advice!


Totally awesome advice Rachelle