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Bad Breakups? - Love and Romance

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Hey. I'm new to Gays.com. Feel free to add me as a friend. Has anyone had a really bad breakup? Like you were so in love and you thought they felt the same but they didn't? The topic came to mind because my (ex) girlfriend broke up with me when this guy asked her out. I'm glad my friends were there for me because that really, really hurt deep. But that was awhile ago and I feel better.


Elizabeth, I'm very sure a lot of people, especially lesbian ones, have felt a deep down inside really bad hurtful break-up. It sucks bad. Friends will always be there(most of the time) to help whether its just for companionship or for moral advice. It's great to have beside you during a time like that. I have been in and out of relationships. long-term and shot term ones, it always seems to hurt the most when you feel more for the person. it only makes you stronger though. think of it as a lesson, as something you know you dont want in a relationship. Be You that's it.


I just got of a bad relationship myself, and its not easy. but trust me when you find the one for you, you will see why none of your other relationships worked out. They were there just to prepare you for her.