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hello - Looking for LOVE!!!

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it would be nice to relax and feel loved but i dont and dispite still being young ill never find my one and only iv many things to offer a man but in the end my damned personality negates all these qualities in me and become void ! saddle this is a truth iv come upon while having been gone for so long ! i found out many thing about myslef and even enjoyed myself a bit but i could only run so far from what will inevitably smake me dead in the face ! im meant to enjoy life as is and eny others for having found thier partners

its fine now but in a small way still hurt such is life though what can i do but keep swimming along in life ill turn it to a possitve that one guy who is able to bring a simple smile to some one who have a bad day that kind soul that gose out of thier way to help some stranger that person who watchs over others thats my purpose and im grateful of this life iv got !


Yes, it is...I feel similar right now...