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Girl troubles - Love and Romance

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So me and my friend are really big flirts, and sometimes I can't tell if she's actually into me or just playing. And I have asked her before if she does like me but she like to confuse the shit out of people and just sort of avoided it. The more I talk to her, the more I like her so I don't exactly want to accidentally get too comfortable with someone I may never get. Any suggestions?


That's a hard one, sweetie. You have 2 choices: you can either test the waters and go for the gold; or just let things ride and see what develops. It really all depends on how fast you want to find out where ya'lls relationship stands-friends or lovers. Good luck, Hugs


Is this a straight girl? If so I say just be friends with her but don't get to tangled up with your feelings, sounds like she is playing games to me. Good luck hon.


i don't think its a real life with this gay life. its of sort life to live to many lies and deceptions no honesty and woman always go back to men. i'm a 50 years ald woman and i never found the truth
i'm a lesbian 100% but i don't know anymore, the real thing is that i like women, i don'k now how to keep a woman with me and i try, very hard
i'm a very a good woman and i please them but i
i think most women just like a life with a man i think thats reality