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Mirrors - Love and Romance

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This is just a random discussion I wanted to start... A lot of people think of me as a little kid...I often wonder why they believe that...why that concept trickles like tears of rain near the boundries of their minds...sometimes I fell alone...solo...mere like a breeze over the oceans surface...I try not to hate whats in the mirror...because so many already do...I feel like every step I take I get more lost...now I stand still...motionless...like a pillar that yields a great wall...yet the wall still falls...crushing everything I hold dear and believe in...I push the things I love away and hope they dont get crushed beside me...I gaze out the window at every eve and every dawn and long for another world...along with another existence...but I remain motionless...I hurt inside and out...the pain is unstoppable...I listen to the childrens gentle play outside the glass and pray they remain as they are now...why was the innocents stolen from me?....now I am shattered...my hopes...broken... I feel that way all the time now...how do you feel....?


I did feel that way. I still do sometimes. I am trying not to push people away and it is really hard. I have a girlfriend and i keep pushing her away and i am trying so hard not to. I feel like everything is about to go and i don't want her to get hurt. I wish i could let her in but i am so scared and then i just feel numb and fade to nothingness. I understand how you feel


I totally understand. My familt is contestly telling me i'm doing things right and that they're pround of me, but i keep asking what am i doing right what have i done to make them pround.
i did this test on facebook that asked what "mask" it said "Your mask is pain. For some reason or another you just can't seem to find a positive outlook on life. You get angry when people try to relate with how you feel, because you're convinced they won't understand. Deep down you know there should be... a million reasons for people to want to get to know you, but you often find yourself closing yourself off from those around you. You have your select friends, but can't help but want something more. You find opening up difficult, but you do find your ways to let things out. You have your good days, but even through the good times, you feel like there is always going to be those feelings that don't sit right.."
and sadly it is so true.