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so i just wanted to ask you guys a quick question , i really think im gonna run my gf right out the front door , with my insecurities , although she gives me no reasons to even think shes doing something or someone out side of our relationship . we have been together for 3 years , and been through so so many hardships together , and i think that is what helps us stay grounded . well anyway my gf has always been a shy , to herself kind of girl , very shy . and recently i have been helping her to come out of her shell , to feel good about herself. and now i feel like its coming to bite me back in the ass ! now when i see her being this way i start to feel like shes being someone i dont know , and when we are not together like out with friends , my mind is racing with thoughts of her doing stuff with other people so i in return start to call her 1000 times and i cant seem to find a logical thought in my head . i dont know what to do , because i know there is only so much of my crap shes gonna take. and i dont believe im a jealous person , i call it being cautious ! because i have been hurt , lied to and cheated on in the past , so i promised myself to ......be careful i guess .


i agree she only seems different because of her confidence. But that doesn't change the type of person that she. Talk to her and you will see she is still the girl you feel in love with


thanks guys! im making her dinner tonight and i plan on talking to her , because i dont want her to lose confidence in her self because of me , but i also dont want to feel weird about it either