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am i ready for love? - Looking for LOVE!!!

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i say that im looking for love but is it that love dont want me to look for it and wants to find me rather than me searching and sailing all over just to get to it? do i have to take break and just see what happens? i dont know if its me or the guy i fall for that cause the pproblems i try my best to make things work but still man my relationships end up ina total wreck sumtimes i just want to sit back an relax but i still tend to worry about what wil happen if my heart gets broken am i to selfish towards love cause the main and my main concern is me my heart my needs and my wants i want to get to know people before i trust that person cause just when i think i trust him i fear his gonna do what hedid to whoever in the past guys am i a love block or do i have a phobia for love cause i really want it or am i fooling myself


You sound like my boyfriend. He is that way but I "trapped" him into a relationship. He still does not comletely trust me...