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I'm 21 and I'm currently in a relationship with a guy. I love him to death his is amazing. But at the sametime is a complete ass. I recently told him that i meet a female that I'm completely captivated by but I've never dated a female or anything like that. she makes me nervous but she has been lieing to me for the past few months. We haven't done anything but meeting her has opened my eyes that I would love to have a relationship with a female but I am in love with my boyfriend. i'm completely confused. I'm not sure what I should do. Anyone have any advice for me?
Thank You!!!!!!!!!! Have a great thanksgiving.


what did he say when you told him how you felt about this girl? I imagine most guys would be excited by it and think of threesomes...im not sure what u want to get out of it, but you might wanna talk to him and figure out what he is willing to let u do, or maybe do together? I was with guys for most of my life and then met a girl who just made me want her in every way possible, body, mind, soul, spirit...and we have been together for over two years....it can be confusing tho


He told me he is fine with it but he isnt happy about it but i told him that right now i want to explore my feelings for a female by myself and he told thats fine but i know he is afraid im gonna leave him