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So I've seen a lot of "date me" ads - Love and Romance

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I figured I would just tell you guys about myself to see if anyone is interested in being my friend. I'm Danee obviously lol but you can call me Nay if you like. Im 19 and Im currently a full time college student and my major is culinary arts. Im not the greatest chef in the world but I like to cook and Im having fun learning more about the industry. Im about to start a new part time job to so Im gonna be stressed even more then I already am but who doesnt have stress? lol As of right now in my life my heart has been broken and its still fresh and trying to to "get over it" has been very hard for me. Lets just say Ive been better. I just want to meet someone who will love me for me and treat me like they say they will. Im a very romantic person and I wear my heart on my sleeve. When I get comfortable with someone I get really comfortable and at that point my guard is down which is not something I ever do, so when I let my guard down with my ex I was kicked in the emotional gut pretty much. Im on here looking to make friends as of right now and if someone happens to come along that heals me so be it. Ive already met someone on here who seems genuine. Im not here for a "fuck" date. Im just average and want to make some new friends to take my mind off of everything that has happened to me. So heres my ad Id guess youd say lol. Im sure the majority of you will skip over this but if not dont be afraid to talk with me. Im really nice lol wow okay shutting up.


You can IM me whenever I'll do my best to respond as soon as I can.


Aww thank you dearest same to you


Hi again Danee, you know it's nice to know that there are actually people on this site that can be honest, I for one can appreciate that. There's more to that and maybe one day we can chat, it's good to talk to you again, your friend Toni


hi danee, im also a broken hearted gurl, now still trying to heal my wound..its really painful to forget some1 we love, n i juz broke up with my gurl 2weeks ago..i hope i can find some1 here..a friend or anythg..but pleaseee not for sex! lol..juz to make me feel happy again with new friend n maybe nw relation..


Hi, Danee --

I'm another broken hearted woman -- I thought we had a good relationship, but it turns out that it wasn't. I have been told that I wear my heart on my sleeve as well - looking back on everything, I guess I do. I am also a romantic and tend to give my all in a relationship.

I'm still trying to get over this past relationship, I know there is someone out there.

And like Danee and Anaz, I would like to make some new friends and maybe one of them might be "the one". Who knows.

P.S. I am told I am a good listener.